A Gorgeous Night Finally For The Tomah-Sparta Speedway

Tomah, WI.
By:Dan Deicher

After Mother Nature ruined several nights of racing, the sun shine and cooler temperatures brought out hungry race fans who were starved for some short track Tomah-Sparta Speedway racing. And that’s exactly what they got. Especially when the Hobby Stocks came to play.

Sparta, Wisconsin’s Charles Vian Jr. could only enjoy his lead from the pole in the 15 lap Hobby Stock feature before problems forced his machine into the infield. And that opened the door for Hobby Stock extraordinaire, Adam Moore, also of Sparta. But Moore would soon find out that this track was not like another Western Wisconsin track he has dominated at and that others have success here too. Like Lyndon Station, Wisconsin’s Jake Schiller, the night’s quick time qualifier. After a few laps, Moore and Schiller would battle it out for the top spot side by side. Meanwhile lurking out of the middle of the field, was point leader Jeff Lefave Jr. from Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. 2 more laps and Lefave would not only pass Moore, but he would take Schiller side by side for the remaining 8 laps, and win the feature by a quarter of a car length.

After Black River Falls driver, Tim Murphy opened up a 10 car lead after starting on the pole of the 15 lap Hornet feature, two drivers, James Rittenhouse from Elroy, Wisconsin and Tomah’s Matt Olson (quick time qualifier) quickly ate into the Murphy lead. But just when the three thought they were in the clear for a three car battle, La Crosse, Wisconsin’s Rob Stanfield, starting from close to the back of the feature, surprised them all, and swiped away the lead from Murphy after he dipped off the track in turn three. Through several cautions, Stanfield and Olson made things entertaining until the checkers flew over the top of Stanfield’s 77 machine. Olson finished a close second.

The trip from Prior Lake, Minnesota sure paid off for Sportsmen driver, Greg Borchardt, who along with his brother Nathan in the Hobbies, have made Tomah their regular weekly race track recently. After Mid American Stock Car Series driver, Mark Brooner took the field to the green flag in the 15 lap feature, Borchardt would find success early and was never really challenged. Sparta’s Tom Farra cruised to a second place finish while Brooner, who had not raced at Tomah for about 15 years, settled for third. Brooner will be back when the Mid-Am Series invades Tomah on August 10th.
The 2018 race season at Tomah has been nothing but disappointment for Kendall, Wisconsin’s Kevin “The Sidewinder” Seidler. After numerous dnf’s and continued problems with his Modified machine. Siedler’s “Don’t Quit” attitude finally paid off on Friday night. Seidler not only won his heat race earlier in the night, but he held of hard charger’s Denny Schott and Paul Brown to win his first 20 lap feature of 2018. But……the season may be cut short for Seidler as he wrecked his machine hard at another track Saturday night…one he says may have put him out for the year. Stay Tuned…….

After taking a night off last week from the TSS Midwest Dash division, West Salem, Wisconsin’s Patrick Thicke found his winning ways come back as he held off a hard charging field for yet another 15 lap feature win. Thicke, starting from the back of the pack, worked his way quickly to the top spot, followed by Wyeville, Wisconsin’s Wayne Maulsby and Tomah’s Paul Finch.

As the Tomah Sparta Speedway continues to look for sponsors of it’s classes, one things for sure for 2019…Kendall, Wisconsin’s Matt Moore may want to consider naming the division after his business, Moore For Less Auto. Why? Moore has not only won most of the races this year, several of those have come from starting in the back row. And Moore’s success continued Friday night. After Tim Murphy led the field for 7 laps, Kendall, Wisconsin’s Dan Frye decided it was his turn to lead the 15 lap feature. 3 laps later, Frye would have to fend off Moore for the lead…that didn’t work as Moore edged out yet another feature win.

Several changes were made to the remaining 2018 schedule. It was announced that the popular Tim Meyer Memorial Race will be held August 17th. And, for the first time in a while, a back to back race will be held. All 6 divisions will race on Saturday night, September 15th and on Sunday afternoon the 16th, the just added Bandalero’s and 600 Mod’s from the Mississippi Thunder Speedway will join the CWRA Super Late Models and a division still TBD. This will be the 2nd appearance for the 600 Mod’s. Next on the schedule is August 3rd with the Modifieds, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Dash, Hornets, 6 Shooters, Spectacular Drags and Kids Rides.

For point standings and schedules, go to

Tomah-Sparta Speedway
Results for 7-27-18
Qualifying: 1) Denny Schott,2) Derrin Salo,3) Paul Brown,4) Kevin Seidler
Heat: 1) Kevin Seodler,2) Paul Brown, 3) Denny Schott, 4) Derrin Salo
Feature: 1) Kevin Seidler, 2) Paul Brown, 3) Denny Schott, 4) Derrin Salo

Qualifying: 1) Greg Borchardt, 2) Tom Farra, 3) Mark Brunner, 4) Jake Mchugh
Heat: 1) Greg Borchardt, 2) Tom Farra, 3) Jake Mchugh, DQ Mark Brooner
Feature: 1) Greg Borchardt, 2) Tom Farra, 3) Jeffery Lafave, 4) Jake Mchugh, 5) Jake Schiller, DQ Mark Brooner

Hobby Stocks:
Qualifying: 1) Andy Moore, 2) Jeffery Lafave, 3) Jake Schiller, 4) Adam Moore, 5) Ike Andrews, 6) Mike Borchardt, 7) Jason Bolster, 8) Charles Vian Jr.
Heat 1: 1) Jason Bolster, 2) Ike Andrews, 3) Mike Borchardt, 4) Charles Vian Jr
Heat 2) 1) Adam Moore, 2) Jake Schiller, 3) Jeffery Lafave, 4) Andy Moore
Feature: 1) Jeffery Lafave, 2) Jake Schiller, 3) Adam Moore, 4) Mike Borchardt, 5) Ike Andrews, 6) Jason Bolster, 7) Charles Vian Jr., 8) Andy Moore

Midwest Dash
Qualifying: 1) Patrick Thicke, 2) Paul Finch, 3) Wayne Maulsby, 4) Tuffy Myer, 5) Peggy Olson
Heat: 1) Wayne Maulsby, 2) Patrick Thicke, 3) Paul Finch, 4) Peggy Olson, 5) Tuffy Myer
Feature, 1) Patrick Thicke, 2) Wayne Maulsby, 3) Paul Finch, 4) Aaron Hendricks, 5) Matt Olson, 6) Brandon Bergstrom, 7) Peggy Olson, 8) Jazzlin Myer

Qualifying: 1) Matt Olson, 2) Aaron Hendricks, 3) Rob Stansfield, 4) Alec Devito, 5) Andrew Moore, 6) Jazzlin Myer, 7) Danny Frye, 8) Brandon Bergstrom, 9) Donavan Hawes, 10) Jeff Von Ruden, 11) Ronnie Foster, 12) Harry Myer, 13) Chandler Turner, 14) Lonnie Wood Jr., 15) Alex Rud, 16) James Rittenhouse, 17) Dustin McCrackin, 18) Antonio Devito, 19) Jordan Finch, 20) James Wilson, 21) Tim Murphy
Heat1: 1) Tim Murphy, 2) Dustin McCracken, 3) Antonio Devito, 4) James Wilson, 5) Jordan Finch, 6) James Rittenhouse
Heat 2: 1) Chandler Turner, 2) Brandon Bergstrom, 3) Lonnie Wood Jr., 4) Jeff von Ruden, 5) Ronnie Foster, 6) Donavan Hawes
Heat 3: 1) Danny Frye, 2) Rob Stanfield, 3) Matt Olson, 4) Jazzlin Myer, 5) Aaron Hendricks, 6) Alec Devito, 7) Andrew Moore
Feature: 1) Rob Stanfield, 2) Matt Olson, 3) Brandon Bergstrom, 4) Chandler Turner, 5) Aaron Hendricks, 6) Tim Murphy, 7) Danny Frye, 8) Ronnie Foster, 9) Jazzlin Myer, 10) Alec Devito, 11) Lonnie Wood Jr., 12) Andrew Moore, 13) Dustin McCracken, 14) Antonio Devito, 15) James Wilson, 16) Jordan Finch, 17) James Rittenhouse, 18) Donavan Hawes, 19) Harry Myer, 20) Jeff von Ruden, 21) Alex Rud

6 Shooter:
Heat: 1) Matt Moore, 2) Dan Fyre, 3) Al Bartels, 4) Tim Murphy, 5) Dustin McCracken, 6) Alex Rud
Feature: 1) Matt Moore, 2) Dan Frye, 3) Tim Murphy, 4) Al Bartels, 5) Alex Rud, 6) Dustin McCracken

Chaos event (Stop and Go) 1) Dan Frye, 2) Matt Moore, 3) Dusitin McCracken, 4) Alex Rud, 5) Tim Murphy