A Night Of Trifecta’s And Family Reunions

Tomah, WI.
By: Dan Deicher

It seems as though the hotter the temperatures, the more race fans are finally welcoming in the Tomah Sparta Speedway Spring/Summer. And they were all entertained by some of the best in short track racing and some of the younger crop of drivers.

For Fast Time qualifiers and heat race winners, Patrick Thicke, Denny Schott and Jason Stark, only feature race wins were standing in their ways on bringing out the brooms. All 3 were victorious. Starting with the Hobby Stocks. Fort Atkinson’s Jeff Lefavre Jr. grabbed the 15 lap feature race lead on lap 2….and by lap 5….it belonged to Sparta’s Jason Stark, driving his father Larry Bolster Jr’s stock car. For the next 9 laps, fans were delighted by the side by side racing they saw between the two. But in the end, Stark reigned victorious. Broom number 1.

West Salem, Wisconsin’s Patrick Thicke is learning his new flashy red number 56 pretty well in the early season as his car is now the one to beat in the Midwest Dash. Wayne Maulsby and Paul Finch, both of the Tomah area, are learning this fact also as they watched Thicke grab the lead from Finch after a 6 lap side by side match-up. Thicke went on to win the 15 lap feature. Broom number 2.

The monsterous Modified’s were up next for a 20 lap shoot out, which Paul Brown of Tomah wished he could have been in. Brown, winner of the first 2 features this year, broke in his heat race and was on the shelf for the feature. That left Tomah’s Tyler Sauter to lead the first few laps, only to watch Schott pick his way through the field to the top spot with 7 to go in the 20 lapper and a feature race win. Broom number 3.

The final 15 lap feature was filled with a determined crowd of Hornet drivers, all seeking a win.  Besides Andrew Moore, all will have to wait another week. Moore not only jumped to the lead by lap 5, but he opened up a quarter of the track lead on the field and cruised into victory lane. Jeff Quist and Brandon Bergstrom made things interesting for 2nd place…a spot saved for Quist, who also picked up quick time in qualifying.

4 competitor’s came out for the Spectacular Drags, a one lap race around the track. In race number one, Greg Cottone eliminated Lonnie Wood Jr. and in race number 2, Larry Bolster Jr. knocked out Ronnie Foster. In the best 2 out of 3 match-up, Cottone in his Dodge Charger, took race number one from Bolster, in his 1973 Chevy Pickup, only to see Bolster come back to win race two and set a final lap shootout. Bolster would go on to do something he had never done before in his long time racing career. Make a stop in victory lane…..the same place his son, Jason Stark, ended up earlier in the night. He had never won on the same night as his son.

Coming up next on the schedule… Mods, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Midwest Dash, Hornets and 6 Shooters. The scheduled Chaos event is the Flag Pole Race. There will also be pre-race kids rides. Check or Tomah Sparta Speedway on Facebook.
Results for Tomah-Sparta Speedway June 1, 2018

Qualifying: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Paul Brown, 3. Kevin Seidler, 4. Tyler Sauter, 5. Jay Potter
Heat: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Jay Potter, 3. Tyler Sauter, 4. Kevin Seidler, 5. Paul Brown
Feature: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Tyler Sauter, 3. Jay Potter, 4. Kevin Seidler, Paul Brown DNS

Qualifying: 1. Jason Stark, 2. Tom Farra, 3. Bill Schott
Heat: 1. Jason Stark, 2. Tom Farra, 3. Bill Schott
Feature: 1. Jason Stark, 2. Bill Schott, 3. Tom Farra

Hobby Stocks:
Qualifying: 1. Jeffery Lafave , 2. Jake Schiller, 3. Mark Challet, 4. Ike Andrews
Heat: 1. Jake Schiller, 2. Jeffery Lafave, 3. Mark Challet,
Feature: 1. Jeffery Lafave, 2. Jake Schiller, 3. Mark Challet

Midwest Dash:
Qualifying: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Paul Finch, 3. Chris Tolliver, 4. Wayne Maulsby
Heat: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Wayne Maulsby, 3. Chris Tolliver, 4. Paul Finch
Feature: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Paul Finch, 3. Wayne Maulsby, 4. Chris Tolliver

Qualifying: 1. Jeff Quist, 2. Brandon Bergstrom, 3. Matt Olson, 4. Chandler Turner, 5. Andrew Moore, 6. Danny Frye, 7. James Rittenhouse, 8. Ronnie Foster, 9. Alec Devito, 10. Jeff von Ruden, 11. Lonnie Wood Jr., 12. Donavan Hawes, 13. Alex Rud, 14. Tilly Babcock
Heat 1: 1. Lonnie Wood Jr. 2. Donavan Hawes, 3. Tilly Babcock, 4. Alex Rud
Heat 2: 1. Alec Devito, 2. Jeff Von Ruden, 3. Danny Frye, 4. James Rittenhouse, 5. Ronnie Foster
Heat 3: 1. Matt Olson, 2. Jeff Quist, 3. Andrew Moore, 4. Chandler Turner, 5. Brandon Bergstrom
Feature: 1. Andrew Moore, 2. Jeff Quist, 3. Brandon Bergstrom, 4. Matt Olson, 5. Alec Devito, 6. Chandler Turner, 7. James Rittenhouse, 8. Jeff Von Ruden, 9. Ronnie Foster, 10. Lonnie Wood Jr., 11. Donavan Hawes, 12. Alex Rud, 13. Tilly Babcock, 14. Danny Frye

6 Shooters
Qualifying: 1 Matt Moore, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Tim Murphy, 4. Dan Frye, 5. Dustin McCracken
Heat: 1. Dan Frye, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Tim Murphy, 4. Alex Rud, 5. Dustin McCracken
Feature: 1. Matt Moore, 2. Dan Frye, 3. Alex Rud, 4. Tim Murphy, 5. Dustin McCracken