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By:  Paul Reichert

June 7, 2024


When you witness a driver getting on a major roll winning race after race, you know that this driver has the talent and the abilities to drive anything.  You wonder how far a driver can go and how far he can take his racing career.  That is most definitely the case for reigning INEX Great North Legends champion Aryton Brockhouse.  Brockhouse has learned a lot about the racing world and the Legends race cars from his dad Tim.  Last week Brockhouse set a new track qualifying record for the Legends, then went out this week and reset his own track qualifying record.  Brockhouse continues to dominate the feature races as he captured his third straight victory of the year, and his fifth in the last two seasons.  


The INEX Great North Legend feature saw a new face to Tomah lead the early going as Ryan Laatsch outran Ayden Brockhouse to turn one.  Robby Carter caught up to Laatsch and drove around him on the outside to settle into the lead on lap three.  Anne Green spun out on the front straight to bring out the caution on lap six. Ayrton Brockhouse stuck right behind Carter off the restart as he waited for the right moment to go after the lead.  Brockhouse made his move under Carter coming out of turn two to take charge of the race on lap eight.  Just like in the previous two features, you would think that Brockhouse would pull away to a huge advantage.  That was not the case as Carter stayed within a couple car lengths of Brockhouse in the hope Carter would have another chance to go for the win.  That opportunity would not come as Brockhouse ran his season streak to three wins in three features.


Carter Stein surged past Blake Michael to take the lead early in the INEX Bandolero feature.  Bentley Thompson was quickly slicing and dicing his way through the traffic before he caught up to Stein and drove around him for the top spot on lap two.  Thompson was running a very solid race with a huge lead on the field, but as the crossed flags were displayed Cole Kurth was slowly reeling in Thompson.  Thompson held a two or three car length lead on Kurth, but with four laps remaining they would be joined by birthday boy Wesley Barmeister.  Try as they might Kurth and Barmeister were unable to make a dent in Thompson’s lead as the ‘Junior Silver Slingshot’ captured his third Bandolero feature win out of the last five races.


The Hobby Stock feature start went up in a puff of smoke thanks to Raymond Hardy’s expired engine.   Take two on the feature saw 2022 rookie champion Grant Witcraft outrun current rookie leader Mike Gratz coming out of turn two to take command of the race.   Last year’s rookie champion Seth Gnewikow suffered a flat right front tire to bring out the yellow on lap three.  Genwikow replaced the tire and in his haste to get back to the field spun out on the ‘pit out’ road.  Witcraft would have Shelby Lockington to contend on the restart, and this would last for the rest of the race.   The reigning track champion was doing everything she could to find a way to get around Witcraft.  Witcraft maintained a gap of a couple of car lengths while having his mirrors full of the purple and white 38 machine.  Witcraft handled the pressure like a veteran as he hit the finish line first to score his very first feature victory.


Greg Brown made a daring three wide move around Alex Lueth and Christopher Neal in turns one and two to surge into the lead at the start of the TACU Credit Union Six Shooter feature.  Ryatt Dobbratz picked off Neal in turn one, then Leuth in turn three to settle into the runner-up spot.  Dobbratz kept Brown within striking distance as the race progressed, but both drivers would have to deal with a former champion returning to competition.  Matt Moore debuted a brand new race car, but had to start at the rear thanks to the new breakout rule he violated in qualifying.  When a driver runs a lap faster than 19.300 seconds, they are given a warning and too many warnings will result in a disqualification.  Moore caught the leaders just past the mid-race mark.  Contact between Brown and Moore ended Brown’s night but gave Moore the lead with five laps remaining.  Moore pulled away from Dobbratz down the stretch to grab another big checkered flag victory.


The High School Racing Association made its 2024 season debut with Trinity Aasen debuting a brand new race car and leading her very first feature race.  Ghage Moore stuck right behind Aasen for the opening four circuits before Moore moved to the outside to power around Aasen to take over the lead position.  As the race approached the halfway mark, Curtis Hellickson was catching up to Moore in one of Matt Moore’s former race cars.  The rest of the race would be a hard fought battle between siblings of the Moore family.  Moore was able to stand his ground against Hellickson over the final seven laps to capture his second career HSRA feature win.


Making the long trek from Milwaukee for a third straight year, the Milwaukee Stock Car Club Racing Association brought their vintage modifieds to Tomah.  In their feature race Jeff Allard and his ground pounding race car led the first two laps of the race.  On lap three the bright orange race car of Butch ‘The Butcher’ Titel shot past Allred for the number one spot.  Heat race winner Lee Mueller was trying to close the gap on Allred, but Mueller was unable to make any sort of forward progress.  Title pulled out to a full straightway lead as he ran away with the victory.  


A long standing tradition continues next Friday, June 14 at Tomah-Sparta Speedway.  The 10th Annual Tim Myer Memorial Shootout takes place with a 30 lap main event for the Sportsmen headlining the night’s racing action.  The spotlight may be on the Sportsmen since Tim Myer was a top gun in the class back in the late 1990s, but all the divisions want to earn a trophy for winning at the Tim Myer Memorial.  All the drivers in the Hobby Stock, Hornet, Six Shooter and Crown Vic classes will be out for the bragging rights to say they won at the Tim Myer Memorial.   Gates open at 6, the battles to decide who is the quickest in qualifying hits the gas at 6:15, and the quest for a Tim Myer Memorial trophy goes green at 7:30.


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INEX Great North Legends
Feature (15 laps):  1 Ayrton Brockhouse, 2. Elliott Weiler, 3. Robby Carter, 4. Andrew Borntreger, 5. Russ Weiler, 6. Ayden Brockhouse, 7. Ryan Laatsch, 8. Cael Slater, 9. Devin Dieringer, 10. Matt Schecklman, 11. Jensen Vadnais, 12. Hayden Dieringer, 13. Devon Lee, 14. Anne Green, 15. Daden Barclay, 16. Paul Finch, 17. Dalton Lee 

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Daden Barclay, 2. Hayden Dieringer, 3. Anne Green, 4. Devon Lee, 5. Dalton Lee, 6. Paul Finch

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Cael Slater, 2. Ayden Brockhouse, 3. Matt Schecklman, 4. Devin Dieringer, 5. Ryan Laatsch, 6. Jensen Vadnais

Heat #3 (8 laps)::  1. Robby Carter, 2. Ayrton Brockhouse, 3. Elliott Weiler, 4. Russ Weiler, 5. Andrew Borntreger 

Qualifying:  1. Ayrton Brockhosue 16.539 (NEW TRACK RECORD), 2. Elliott Weiler 16.728, 3. Robby Carter 16.774, 4. Andrew Borntreger 16.838, 5. Russ Weiler 16.867, 6. Ayden Brockhaus 16.875, 7. Ryan Laatsch 16.946, 8. Cael Slater 17.067, 9. Devin Dieringer 17.166, 10. Matt Schecklman 17.469, 11. Jensen Vadnais 17.534, 12. Hayden Dieringer 17.570, 13. Devon Lee 17.709, 14. Anne Green 17.742, 15. Daden Barclay 17.770, 16. Paul FInch 18.032, 17. Dalton Lee 18.327


INEX Bandoleros

Feature (15 laps):  1. Bentley Thompson, 2. Cole Kurth, 3. Wesley Barmeister, 4. Carter Stein, 5. Blake Michael, 6. Ransom Tate, 7. Mason Westphal, 8. Ethan Jensen, 9. Logen Carter, 10. Axel Oldenhoff, 11. Ace Oldenhoff

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Carter Stein, 2. Blake Michael, 3. Ransom Tate, 4. Logen Carter, 5. Ethan Jensen, 6. Mason Westphal

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Bentley Thompson, 2. Axel Oldenhoff, 3. Cole Kurth, 4. Wesley Barmeister, 5. Ace Oldenhoff

Qualifying:  1. Wesley Barmeister 18.038, 2. Bentley Thompson 18.0169, 3. Axel Oldenhoff 18.236, 4. Cole Kurth 18.463, 5. Ace Oldenhoff 18.583, 6. Blake Michael 18.878, 7. Carter Stein 18.920, 8. Ransom Tate 19.232, 9. Mason Westphal 19.463, 10. Logen Carter 19.496, 11. Ethan Jensen 20.236


Hobby Stocks

Feature (15 laps):  1. Grant Witcraft, 2. Shelby Lockington, 3. Mike Gratz, 4. Landon Lockington, 5. Seth Gnewikow, 6. Bryan Schott, 7. Raymond Hardy 

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Landon Lockington, 2. Grant Witcraft, 3.Seth Gnewikow, 4. Mike Gratz, 5. Bryan Schott

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Raymond Hardy, 2. Shelby Lockington, 3. Matthew Cleveland (DQ), 4. Andy Moore (DQ) 

Qualifying:  1. Andy Moore 17.612 2. Matthew Cleveland 17.873, 3. Shelby Lockington 18.229, 4. Raymond Hardy 18.365, 5. Seth Gnewikow 18.403, 6. Grant Witcraft 18.613, 7. Mike Gratz 18.623, 8. Landon Lockington 18.992, 9. Bryan Schott 19.560


TACU Credit Union Six Shooters 

Feature (15 laps):  1.  Matt Moore, 2. Ryatt Dobbratz, 3. Tim Murphy, Sr., 4. Taylor McMullen, 5. Jay Raines, 6. Mike Hennessy, Jr., 7. Alex Lueth, 8. Christopher Neal, 9. A.J. Finningan, 10. Brandon Young, 11. Greg Brown

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Matt Moore, 2. A.J. Finnigan, 3. Brandon Young, 4. Mike Hennessy, Jr., 5. Alex Lueth, 6. Phillip Klinkner 

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Jay Raines, 2. Greg Brown, 3. Taylor McMullen, 4. Ryatt Dobbratz, 5. Christopher Neal

Qualifying:  1. Tim Murphy, Sr. 19.380, 2. Taylor McMullen 19.461, 3. Ryatt Dobbratz 19.689, 4. Greg Brown 19.758, 5. Christopher Neal 19.779, 6. Jay Raines 19.782, 7. Alex Lueth 19.782, 8. Phillip Klinkner 20.510, 9. Brandon Young 20.560, 10. A.J. Finnigan 20.632 11. Matt Moore (DQ) 


High School Racing Association

Feature (15 laps):  1. Ghage Moore, 2. Curtis Hellickson, 3. James Gratz, 4. Trinity Aasen, 5. Monty Odegard, 6. Alivia Moore, 7. Trenton Frye, 8. Caleb Arneson, 9. Logan Backus, 10. Taylor Aasen, 11. Noah Waughtal, 12. Peyton Payne, 13. Zachary Neal, 14. Lilly Estenson

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Noah Waughtal, 2. Logan Backus, 3. Peyton Payne, 4. Lilly Estenson, 5. Taylor Aasen

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Caleb Arneson, 2. Trinity Aasen, 3. Zachary Neal, 4. Trenton Frye, 5. Raelyn Dobbratz

Heat #3 (8 laps):  1. Curtis Hellickson, 2. Monte Odegard, 3. Ghage Moore, 4. Alivia Moore, 5. James Gratz

Qualifying:  1. Alivia Moore 19.345, 2. Curtis Hellickson 19.439, 3. James Gratz 19.749, 4. Monty Odegard 19.845, 5. Ghage Moore 20.000, 6. Trinity Aasen 20.035, 7. Trenton Frye 20.057, 8. Raelyn Dobbratz 20.411, 9. Caleb Arneson 20.702, 10. Zachary Neal 20.965, 11. Logan Backus 21.159, 12. Peyton Payen 21.439, 13. Noah Waughtal, 22.100, 14. Taylor Aasen 24.875, 15. Lilly Estenson 25.710


Milwaukee Stock Car Club Racing Association

Feature (15 laps):  1. Brian Titel, 2. Jeff Allred, 3. Lee Mueller, 4. John Koran, 5. Ralph Pulver

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Lee Mueller, 2. Brian Titel, 3. Jeff Allred, 4. Ralph Pulver, 5. John Koran, 6. Cal Maule, 7. Dale Herring