By: Paul Reichert
June 7, 2019

It is great to see a local business highly involved with the local racing scene and its local race track. That is the case with Tomah Area Credit Union (TACU) here at Tomah-Sparta Speedway. From sponsoring Victory Lane to sponsoring the 6 Shooters class, TACU loves their racing. Tonight a lucky fan won a drawing for $50, and Dan Frye picked up a $100 bonus for winning the 6 Shooter feature..

With that extra $100 on the line for the TACU 6 Shooters, you knew the competition would step it up a notch in the feature. Tim Murphy took the lead off the start, but by the end of lap two Dan Frye would get around Murphy to take over the top spot. Driving the championship car formerly driven by Matt Moore, Frye began to slowly pull away from the field. Tristan Drazkowski, back in action after his bad wreck the week before, was picking off competitors one by one to get to the front. Draz, Jr. got around Murphy for second on lap nine, but he would have a ton of work to catch up to Frye. With a quarter of a lap lead over Drazkowski, Frye would walk away with the win and the $100 bonus.

In the Modified feature, reigning champion Paul Brown would be locked in a 15-lap battle with Brad Wildes. Wildes, who was fast qualifier for the fourth straight show, did everything he could to get around Brown for the lead. Wildes tried to put his nose under Brown. He tried to go around the 48 machine. He even tried to use his ‘chrome horn’ a couple times. Despite a yellow with six to go, Brown would not be stopped from claiming his first feature checkered flag of 2019.

A new rivalry is now brewing in the Sportsmen division. Greg Borchardt and Jake Schiller renewed thier battle from last week’s Sportsmen feature in this week’s feature. Borchardt started on the pole, took the lead immediately and was hounded by Schiller all race long. This week the feature saw a three-headed pace battle with David Borntrager joining the action. Despite having to contend with two challengers, Borchardt would take his second straight win and the big money home to Minnesota.

Rookie Alex Rud led the opening four laps of the Hobby Stock feature until Andy Moore made his presence known. Coming from mid-pack, Moore got around Rud for the lead on lap five. A mid-race yellow gave Mike Krueger, Jr. a chance to challenge Moore. Krueger did his best to stay in touch, but Moore drove away in the closing laps to make it four feature wins in a row.

The Hornet and Mini Stock classes ran a combined feature, and there was drama on the Hornet side. Jazzlynne Myer showed the way and was doing everything she could to keep Danny ‘Old Man’ Frye in her rear view mirror. Paul Finch started his Mini Stock at the back of the field, and by lap ten got around Myer to win the Mini Stock portion. As for the Hornet battle, Frye got his opening under Myer with two to go to claim the victory.

This week’s race for the Chaos Division was the Tire Race. In this race, you have to balance a Late Model racing tire on the hood of your car for five laps. The straights were no problem, but going through the turns is where you had to drive patiently. Dan Frye was the last car to have the tire on his hood to score the win.

Action continues next Friday, June 14 with the annual Fan Photo and Autograph Night. Make sure to bring a bag to collect all of the hero cards from the drivers and the treats many of the drivers will be giving away. A few might even have some big prizes to give away to the race fans. Gates open at 4:00, qualifying starts at 6:00, the Fan Photo and Autograph Session gets underway at 7:00 and racing action begins at 7:30.

For more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway or the 2019 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-461-1920 or visit

TACU 6 Shooters
Feature: 1. Dan Frye, 2. Tristan Drazkowski, 3. Dustin McCracken, 4. Tim Murphy, 5. Clayton Haessig
Heat 1: Cameron Riggs, 2., Murphy, 3. Matt Drazkowski
Heat 2: T. Drazkowski, 2. Jestin Delap, Sr., 3. Dan Frye
Qualifying: 1. Dan Frye, 2., T. Drazkowski, 3., Haessig

Feature: 1. Paul Brown, 2. Brad Wildes, 3. Rick DeVito
Heat: 1. Wildes, 2. Brown, 3. DeVito
Qualifying: 1. Wildes, 2. Brown, 3. DeVito

Feature: 1. Greg Borchardt, 2. Jake Schiller, 3. David Borntrager, 4. Chase Hunter, 5. Troy Dobbratz
Heat: 1. Borntrager, 2. Borchardt, 3. Hunter
Qualifying: 1. Borntrager, 2. Borchardt, 3. Schiller

Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Mike Krueger, Jr., 3. Alex Rud, 4. Raymond Hardy, 5. Al Bartels
Heat 1: 1. Bartels, 2. Rud, 3. Mike Krueger, Sr.
Heat 2: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Krueger, Jr., 3. Hardy
Qualifying: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Hardy, 3. Krueger, Jr.

Feature: 1. Paul Finch (Mini Stock), 2. Danny Frye, 3. Jazzlynne Myer, 4. Jordan Finch, 5. Amelia Marshall
Heat: 1. P. Finch (Mini Stock), 2. Danny Frye, 3. J. Finch, 4. Myer
Qualifying: 1. Danny Frye, 2. Myer, 3. Ronnie Foster
Mini Stock Qualifying: 1. Paul Finch

Tire Race: 1. Dan Frye, 2. Tim Murphy, 3. Clayton Haessig