By: Paul Reichert
June 16, 2023

The first big marquee event of the 2023 racing season at Tomah-Sparta Speedway remembered a driver whose bright future was extinguished too soon. Tim Myer was a driver to watch back in the late 1990s with Sportsman championships under his belt and a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of a late model, but a traffic accident in 2000 brought his promising racing future to a screeching halt. Now we honor the talent that Tim possessed and the Myer family’s racing influence in Monroe County with the 9th annual Tim Myer Memorial Shootout. Michael Giloman shot past Mike Krueger, Jr. for the lead on lap five and put in one of the more dominant performances to claim the $1,000 winner’s purse and add his name to the list of prestigious winners of the race.

Mike Krueger, Jr. got his Sportsmen debut off to a solid start as he powered by Troy Dobbratz for the lead at the start of the 30 lap Tim Myer Memorial Shootout for the Zoellick Home Repair and Log Staining Sportsmen. 2021 champion David Borntrager bounced hard off of the back straight wall on lap four, which caused a good deal of suspension damage and resulted in his car losing a wheel to bring out the first yellow flag. The restart did not get very far when Chris Weber also bounced off the back straight wall and suffered suspension damage that also brought his race to an early end. Michael Giloman lined up alongside of Krueger, Jr. for the restart and wasted little time to charge past the Tomah veteran to move into the lead position. As Giloman opened up an advantage on the field, Krueger, Jr. would have his hands full on lap eight with Andrew Borntrager looking for an opening to take over second. Giloman continued to pace the field as the crossed flags were displayed, and a couple laps later Mark Challet would join the fight over second as it became a three-way battle. Krueger, Jr. was doing everything he could to fight off two hungry drivers for second spot, which he would claim in the end. Giloman ran one of the more dominant drives to claim the $1,000 first place money, and give a Minnesota driver the Tim Myer Memorial Shootout win for the third time in the last four years.

The Zoellick Home Repair and Log Staining Modified feature saw Rick DeVito surge past his nephew Anthony for the top spot in his first appearance of the year. Hot on DeVito’s heels for the race lead was 2021 track champion Bill Schott, and Schott moved to the outer groove to get past DeVito on lap three to settle into first place. Schott tried to pull away from DeVito, but the Camp Douglas veteran was somehow able to stay within a couple car lengths of the leader in the hopes of trying to take the lead back. Anthony DeVito was battling hard for third with fellow rookie Zach Oliver as the former Hornet competitor was looking for a way past DeVito in just his second ever Modified race. With four laps remaining Schott began to get a better run out of the turns to slowly pull away from Rick DeVito. Schott opened up a six car length lead at the finish to capture his third checkered flag win of the year.

The front row of the Clark Powersport of Hillsboro Hobby Stock feature would battle back and forth over the top spot. Landon Lockington nosed out rookie Seth Gnewikow for the lead on the first two laps, but Gnewikow got a better run out of turn two to power by Lockington and into the number one position on lap three. Andy Moore powered around both Shelby and Landon Lockington to move into second on lap three and needed only a couple more laps to surge past Gnewikow and assume command of the race. Just before the halfway mark of the feature Charles Vian, Jr. drove around Gnewikow to go after Moore for the lead. Vian, Jr. was not able to make a dent in Moore’s advantage during the second half of the race as Moore drove off with his third straight feature victory.

The Command Post Saloon Hornet feature saw Thomas Farra surge past point leader Samantha Linnehan to lead the field for the first two circuits. Andrew Gardner spun out in turn one to bring out the yellow flag on lap three. Adam Moore lined up next to Farra on the restart and wasted no time in driving by the Sparta pilot for the lead. The multi-time Hobby Stock champion was making his first ever start with the Hornets, and the car he was driving was just as fast as the Hobby Stock he drove for years. The racing was slowed again on lap six when Linnehan looped her car in turn two. Tristan Finnegan and Gardner were innocent bystanders as they both ran into her, but despite their sheet metal damage all were able to race on. Matthew Cleveland took over second on the restart and tried to keep up with Moore. Paul Finch began to apply pressure to Cleveland over the final six laps but was not able to find a way around for second. Moore scored his first feature win in some time and proudly rang the Victory Bell in TACU Credit Union Victory Lane.

Chris Brown was able to drive around both brother Greg and Tim Murphy, Sr. to show the way at the start of the TACU Credit Union Six Shooter feature. Mike Gratz was following Brown’s tire tracks and he needed only two more laps to power around Brown to take change of the race on lap four. Point leader Dustin McCracken was working a bit harder to make his way through traffic to find the front. McCracken would drive around Murphy, Sr. for second place just before the midway point of the race, then focused all his attention on Gratz. Daniel Loendorf slowed the racing action on lap ten when he lost control of his car in turn one. McCracken has Gratz in his sights on the restart, but Gratz was able to fend off the early challenges by McCracken for the lead. Gratz continued to feel tons of pressure coming from McCracken, but Gratz stood his ground and kept the point leader in his rear view mirror. Tonight would be Gratz’ night as he finally got the better of McCracken for his first win of the season.

You will have more money in your wallet next Friday, June 23 for the concession stand and the souvenir trailer with $5 admission for everybody during our annual Cheap Date Night. You will also get more bang for your buck on the race track as the Hobby Stocks, Hornets, Six Shooters, Mini-Vans and the High School Racing Association . We also will travel back in time as the Upper Midwest Vintage Racing Series makes their annual appearance at ‘Daytomah’. The Chaos crazies return for their next event, the wild and entertaining Outhouse Race. The kids will be big winners as well with the Kids’ Penny Scramble after qualifying. Gates open at 5, qualifying goes live at 6:15 and the exciting wheel-to-wheel racing takes the green at 7:30.

Call the track office at 608-461-1920, visit our web site at or check out the track’s Facebook page to learn more about Tomah-Sparta Speedway and the 2023 schedule of events.


Zoellick Home Repair and Log Staining Sportsmen

Tim Myer Memorial Shootout (30 laps): 1. Michael Giloman, 2. Mike Krueger, Jr., 3. Andrew Borntrager, 4. Mark Challet, 5. Scott Mahlum, 6. Daniel Frye, 7. Terrence Robinson, 8. Troy Dobbratz, 9. Chris Weber, 10. David Borntrager
Heat #1 (8 laps); 1. Daniel Frye, 2. Mike Krueger, Jr., 3. Mark Challet, 4. Scott Mahlum, 5. Troy Dobbratz, 6. Jordan Wentzel
Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. Chris Weber, 2. Terrence Robinson, 3. Michael Giloman, 4. Andrew Borntrager, 5. David Borntrager
Qualifying: 1. David Borntrager 16.120, 2. Michael Giloman 16.328, 3. Andrew Borntrager 16.449, 4. Chris Weber 16.452, 5. Terrence Robinson 16.702, 6. Mark Challet 16.778, 7. Mike Krueger, Jr. 16.916, 8. Troy Dobbratz 16.934, 9. Daniel Frye 16.948

Zoellick Home Repair and Log Staining Modifieds

Feature (15 laps): 1. Bill Schott, 2. Rick DeVito, 3. Anthony DeVito, 4. Zach Oliver
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Bill Schott, 2. Rick DeVito, 3. Anthony DeVito, 4. Zach Oliver
Qualifying: 1. Bill Schott 16.032, 2. Zach Oliver 16.578, 3. Rick DeVito 16.959, 4. Anthony DeVito 17.254

Clark Powersport of Hillsboro Hobby Stocks

Feature (15 laps): 1. Andy Moore, 2. Charles Vian, Jr., 3. Seth Gnewikow, 4. Shelby Lockington, 5. Andy Muller, 6. Jason Bolster, 7. Landon Lockington
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Andy Moore, 2. Charles Vian, Jr., 3. Seth Gnewikow, 4. Shelby Lockington, 5. Jason Bolster, 6. Andy Muller, 7. Landon Lockington
Qualifying: 1. Andy Moore 17.610, 2. Charles Vian, Jr. 17.891, 3. Shelby Lockington 18.238, 4. Jason Bolster 18.746, 5. Andy Muller 18.851, 6. Seth Genwikow 18.910, 7. Landon Lockington 19.341

Command Post Saloon Hornets

Feature (15 laps): 1. Adam Moore, 2. Matthew Cleveland, 3. Paul Finch, 4. Jamie Pearson, 5. Matthew Heim, 6. Thomas Farra, 7. Dakota Clausen, 8. Samantha Linnehan, 9. Jim Hendricks, Sr., 10. Jeffrey Von Ruden, 11. Josh Schwartz, 12. Tristan Finnegan, 13. Darren Pahl, 14. Blake Von Ruden, 15. Shawn McCarthy, 16. Andrew Gardner, 17. James Gardner
Heat #1 (8 laps); 1. Blake Von Ruden, 2. Darren Pahl, 3. Jeffrey Von Ruden, 4. Jim Hendricks, Sr., 5. Josh Schwartz, 6. James Gardner
Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. Shawn McCarthy, 2. Matthew Heim, 3. Thomas Farra, 4. Dakota Clauson, 5. Chris Kunk, 6. Tristan Finnegan
Heat #3 (8 laps): 1. Andrew Gardner, 2. Samantha Linnehan, 3. Adam Moore, 4. Matthew Cleveland, 5. Paul Finch, 6. Jamie Pearson
Qualifying: 1. Paul Finch 18.307, 2. Matthew Cleveland 18.664, 3. Jamie Pearson 18.769, 4. Adam Moore 18.771, 5. Andrew Gardner 19.089, 6. Samantha Linnehan 19.120, 7. Thomas Farra 19.316, 8. Chris Kunk 19.410, 9. Tristan Finnegan 19.652, 10. Shawn McCarthy 19.742, 11. Matthew Heim 19.754, 12. Dakota Clausen 19.847, 13. Josh Schwartz 20.084, 14. Jeffrey Von Ruden 20.436, 15. Darren Pahl 20.467, 16. Jim Hendricks, Sr. 20.667, 17. Blake Von Ruden 20.844, 18. James Gardner 21.573

TACU Credit Union Six Shooters

Feature (15 laps): 1. Mike Gratz, 2. Dustin McCracken, 3. Andrew Moore, 4. Matt Moore, 5. Chris Brown, 6. Tim Murphy, Sr., 7. Greg Brown, 8. Austyn Blank, 9. Josh Myer, 10. Alex Lueth, 11. A.J. Finnegan, 12. Zachary Morgan, 13. Daniel Loendorf, 14. Devin Glass
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Tim Murphy, Sr., 2. Daniel Loendorf, 3. Josh Myer, 4. Austyn Blank, 5. A.J. Finnegan, 6. Alex Lueth, 7. Zachary Morgan
Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. Mike Gratz, 2. Kenan Shaw, 3. Andrew Moore, 4. Dustin McCracken, 5. Matt Moore, 6. Chris Brown, 7. Greg Brown
Qualifying: 1. Dustin McCracken 18.818, 2. Mike Gratz 18.899, 3. Andrew Moore 19.043, 4. Kenan Shaw 19.232, 5. Chris Brown 19.616, 6. Greg Brown 19.704, 7. Tim Murphy, Sr. 19.908, 8. Daniel Loendorf 19.978, 9. Austyn Blank 20.077, 10. Zachary Morgan 20.1976, 11. Alex Lueth 20.319, 12. A.J. Finnegan 20.798, 13. Josh Myer 20.843