Heat Does Not Deter Race Fans

Tomah, WI.
By:Dan Deicher
Race fans are simply die hard. Need proof? On a day/night when the heat index was close to 115, the Tomah Sparta Speedway saw one of it’s best crowds of the year Friday night. And even through one lengthy caution, the heat would not chase them away from another night of great racing on Mid-Season Championship night.

If you’ve ever watched or raced against Sparta, Wisconsin’s Andy Moore, you know it doesn’t matter where he starts in a feature. If he’s behind you, you better be watching the scoreboard for the 29. For the entire Hobby Stock field, the proof was in the pudding. After starting out mid-pack in the field, Moore, in a borrowed stock car, moved his machine through the field and on lap 6 of the 15 lap feature, he found his way to the top spot. Moore had company though the entire way as pesky point leader, Jeff Lefave Jr. out of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, never let Moore’s back bumper out of his sight. But Moore was just that much faster and went on for the win.

West Salem, Wisconsin’s Patrick Thicke is back to his winning ways as he had not troubles holding off the last feature winner, Wyeville, Wisconsin’s Wayne Maulsby in the Tomah Sparta Speedway version of the Midwest Dash Series. Maulsby beat Thicke earlier in the night in a heat race, only to watch the red 56 scream towards victory lane. Thicke’s third of the year.

The American Super Cup Series made a stop to Tomah Friday night and the 1/2 scale NASCAR stock cars made quite the impression. Loaded with drivers with an average age of 13 years old, their feature thrilled the crowd. After 11 year old Payton Glodowski of Oostburg, Wisconsin raced out to a 10 car lead, a crash into the turn 4 wall at the half way mark of their 15 lap feature by 16 year old Jessica Talley of Genoa, Illinois brought out a lengthy caution period. Talley, was eventually taken away by ambulance to be checked out, with hip pain being reported. On the re-start, it was Glodowski, again, racing out to the lead and the eventual win but not after facing several challenges by 15 year old Amanda Bohn out of Machesney Park, Illinois. For more information check out

For Tomah, Wisconsin’s Denny Schott, he has spent the entire Modified season watching Tomah’s Darrin Salo and Friendship, Wisconsin’s Paul Brown win over and over. But Friday night, that all came to an end for Schott. Schott would move his Mod to the top spot on lap 2 of 20, out pacing Brown, Salo and Portage, Wisconsin’s Joel Willman in the caution free feature. Salo’s bad luck struck again as he could not complete both his heat race and feature with mechanical problems. Salo blew two motors to start the year before coming back out after a 2 week layoff to get his first win of the year.

Tomah’s Jim Hendricks pretty much raced like Schott did in the Modified Division, racing past and onto a win in the Sportsmen Division. Hendricks running Jason Backus’ sporty found no problems racing the machine into victory lane. Tomah’s Jason Schiller and Sparta’s Tom Farra finished on the podium.

22 cars started the Hornet 15 lap feature and in the end, Sparta’s Jeff Von Ruden found that no matter how hot it was inside his Hornet, nothing would deter him from besting the field. Von Ruden, who started 9th, had to survive several three wide attempts by other drivers to win the feature. West Salem, Wisconsin’s Andy Barney, driving a Hornet built for his daughter Jayden Shock, finished an impressive 2nd in his only try at TSS.

Plenty of 6 Shooter’s came to play Friday night, and for Kendall, Wisconsin’s Matt Moore, his fan base is continually growing, winning yet another feature. For the second time this year, Moore won the 15 lap feature from the back row. But it took him awhile this time. On lap two, Sparta’s Benjamin Arndt raced his BMW to the top spot and looked for many laps that he would go on to win the feature. Behind, Moore had taken 3rd with 6 to go and 2nd with 2 to go. Moore took advantage of Arndt driving a bit too high out of turn 4 on the white flag lap, enabling him to go on for the win.

Next week the always popular Upper Midwest Vintage Series invades the speedway with throw back cars racing left and right. They will be joined by Modifieds, Sportsmen, The Midwest Series, Hornets and 6-Shooters. For more information, go to

Tomah-Sparta Speedway
June 29, 2018

Modifieds: Feature 1. Denny Schott, 2. Paul Brown, 3. Joel Willman, 4. Derrin Salo
Heat: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Paul Brown, 3. Joel Willman, 4. Derrin Salo
Qualifying: 1. Paul Brown, 2. Denny Schott, 3. Derrin Salo, 4. Joel Willman

Sportsman: Feature 1. Jim Hendricks, 2. Jake Schiller, 3. Tom Farra
Heat: 1. Jim Hendricks, 2. Tom Farra, 3. Jake Schiller
Qualifying 1. Jim Hendricks, 2. Jake Schiller, 3. Tom Farra

Hobby Stocks: Feature 1. Andy Moore, 2. Jeff Lafave Jr. 3. Jordan Meyers, 4. Joe Dobratz, 5. Jake Schiller, 6. Mark Challet, 7. Brandon Gallagher
Heat: 1. Andy Moore,2. Jeff Lafave Jr, 3. Jordan Meyers, 4. Mark Challet, 5. Joe Dobratz, 6. Jake Schiller, 7. Brandon Gallagher
Qualifying: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Jeff Lafave Jr. 3. Jake Schiller, 4. Brandon Gallagher, 5. Joe Dobratz, 6. Mark Challet, 7. Jordan Meyers

Dash: Feature 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Wayne Maulsby, 3. Paul Finch
Heat: 1. Wayne Maulsby, 2. Patrick Thicke, 3. Paul Finch
Qualifying: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Wayne Maulsby, 3. Paul Finch

Hornets: Feature 1. Jeff Von Ruden, 2. Andy Barney, 3. Danny Frye, 4. Alec Devito, 5. Tuffy Myer, 6. Alex Rud, 7. Dave Treu Jr., 8. Jame Rittenhouse, 9. Tim Murphy, 10. Paul Keller, 11. Brandon Bergstrom, 12. Matt Olson, 13. Dustin McCracken, 14. Ronnie Foster, 15. Donavan Hawes, 16. Lonnie Wood Jr. 17. James Wilson, 18. Jordan Finch, 19 Antonio Devito, 20. Aaron Hendricks
Heat 1: 1. Donavan Hawes, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Lonnie Wood Jr. 4. Antonio Devito, 5. James Wilson, 6. Jordan Finch
Heat 2: 1. Danny Frye, 2. James Rittenhouse, 3. Jeff Von Ruden, 4. Tim Murphy, 5. Andy Barney, 6. Ronnie Foster, 7. Dustin McCracken
Heat 3: 1. Aaron Hendricks, 2. Tuffy Myer, 3. Matt Olson, 4. Paul Keller, 5. Alec Devito, 6. Brandon Bergstrom, 7. Dave Treu Jr.
Qualifying: 1. Matt Olson, 2. Dave Treu Jr., 3. Paul Keller, 4. Brandon Bergstrom, 5. Tuffy Myer, 6. Alec Devito, 7. Aaron Hendricks, 8. James Rittenhouse, 9. Ronnie Foster, 10. Andy Barney, 11. Jeff Von Ruden, 12. Tim Murphy, 13. Dustin McCracken, 14. Danny Frye, 15. Donavan Hawes, 16. Lonnie Wood Jr., 17. Antonio Devito, 18. Alex Rud, 19. Jordan Finch, 20. James Wilson

6 Shooters: Feature 1. Matt Moore, 2. Ben Arndt, 3. Jestin Delap, 4. Alex Rud, 5. Tim Murphy, 6. Dan Frye, 7. Rob Schlifer, 8. Joshua Myer, 9. Derek Nelson, 10. Tyler Stuber
Heat 1: 1. Matt Moore, 2. Ben Arndt, 3. Dan Frye, 4. Derek Nelson, 5. Tim Murphy
Heat 2: 1. Jestin Delap, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Rob Schlifer, 4. Joshua Myer, 5. Tyler Stuber