By: Paul Reichert August 20, 2021
It was another steamy Friday night at Tomah Sparta Speedway but that did not stop race fans from flocking to ‘Daytomah’ to witness some more thrilling racing competition. Everybody loves seeing a driver capture his or her first ever victory and interrupt the dominance of the top dog of the division. We have seen a first time winner emerge victorious for the past three weeks, and now that streak hits the four week mark. Aaron Hendricks took advantage of the front runners struggling to get through
traffic to build a huge lead and drive away with his first career Hobby Stock feature win.

Aaron Hendricks shot by Andy Muller to take the early lead in the Hobby Stock

feature. As Hendricks began to pull away from the field, Muller and Shelby Lockington got into a hard fought battle over the runner-up spot. Their battle would start to hold up the usual suspects that run at the front of the field. Chad Leis, Mike Krueger, Jr. and Andy Moore were looking for a way to get around both Muller and Lockington but were running out of laps to get to the front. That gaggle of cars soon were joined by defending track champion Alex Rud and Jason Bolster as Hendricks built up a huge full straightaway lead. Lockington finally got around Muller just past halfway and that opened the flood gates for the top dogs. Krueger, Jr. and Moore moved into second and third with five laps to go, then Moore drove around Krueger, Jr. with four laps remaining to settle into second. By that time Moore could do nothing with Hendricks and his massive lead as Hendricks loudly and proudly rang the Victory Bell in TACU Credit Union Victory Lane.

In the Clark Powersport of Hillsboro Modified feature, Derrin Salo used a power move on the outside of Bill Schott to take the early race lead. As Salo started to pull away from Schott, Kevin Seidler began to close the distance on the 2 modified and make life interesting for Schott. After the race took the crossed flags Schott began to get a run out of the corners to escape the clutches of the ‘Sidewinder’. Schott began to catch back up to Salo for another chance at the lead and the win. As the laps ticked away Salo’s race car was having trouble getting a run out of the corners. Schott moved to the outside to surge past Salo with two laps to go as he drove away with his second straight
win and his fourth win this year.

Mark Challet made a rare appearance in the Sportsmen class as he shot past Jesse Vian to take the lead at the start of the feature. 2019 champion David Borntrager would motor his way around Vian to take over second on lap three. Even with his experience at ‘Daytomah’, Borntrager was only making up a little ground on Challet as the lap counter wound down to zero. Vian had his hands full as he was battling over third place

with Andrew Borntrager, the newest member of the Borntrager racing clan. David Borntrager, the 2021 Tim Myer Memorial winner, tried again over the final four laps on the race to catch up to Challet. Borntrager would get as close as three car lengths as Challet would not be denied his first ever Sportsmen feature victory.

In the Oops! Saloon and Grill by Angie Hornets feature a newcomer to Tomah would show the way in the early laps. Jefferson regular Matt Krinke shot past Jordan Finch for the top spot, but his getaway from the field was interrupted by yellow on lap four when Tristan Finnegan and Scott Mahlum tangled in turn one. Zach Oliver would charge by Krinke on the restart to become the driver on top of the mountain. Soon Oliver would be challenged for the lead by the unstoppable force that is Mason Morphy. Morphy used the outside lane to shoot past Oliver for the lead just before halfway. Sammy Linnehan

would get around Oliver for second with six laps to go and was doing her darndest to make a dent into Morphy’s lead. Morphy’s pace was slowed by another caution with four laps to go for another turn one tussle between Mahlum and Nick DiCuaula. Morphy made a quick getaway from the field on the restart and powered his way to win number six this season.
Joshua Zacharias sped away from Tory Lockington to take command at the start of the TACU Credit Union Six Shooter feature. The usual front runners were struggling to get through traffic but caught a break for a lap four yellow flag when Lockington spun out in turn one. Taylor McMullen lined up alongside Zacharias on the restart and needed only two turns to take command of the race. Matt Moore was having to work a little harder to get to the front as he got around Zacharias for second with six laps remaining. Over the next four laps Moore slowly whittled away at McMullen’s advantage and come within a car length of the lead. McMullen held his line and kept Moore in check as he captured his second checkered flag win of 2021.

The Soccer Moms ran their final feature of the season as Carina Hellicksok wasted little time to drive past Shelly White for the lead. Hellickson checked out on the field as she notched her third win on the year.
The Double Spin to Win race was the final Chaos event for the season. We know him as the ‘Master of the Malibus’ and now you can call Matt Moore the ‘Dominator of
Double Spin’. Moore perfectly timed his two spins to come out with the lead each time and drove away the win. Clayton Haessig struggled to a fourth place finish but he had enough of a cushion in the points to be crowned ‘Captain Chaos’ with needing a tiebreaker..

A bonus event was added to the show as a preview of next weekend’s Hobbyfest 2 event. A three-race Grudge Race was held between the top two of last year’s Hobbyfest, Andy Moore and Dave Trute. Trute started on the inside of race one and

pulled away to a comfortable victory. Moore took the pole for the second race and hung tough on the outside before getting around Trute on the final lap for the win. That set up the third race to close out the show. Both drivers agreed to run seven laps in the last race, have Moore start on the inside and Trute would start a car length behind. Trute needed only two laps to get alongside of Moore then powered around Moore on lap four to drive away to win the rubber match..

Action continues next Sunday, August 29 with the new tradition returning to Tomah- Sparta Speedway. Hobbyfest 2 will take place as over 40 Hobby Stock competitors representing nearly a dozen race tracks and four states will converge on ‘Daytomah’ for the richest Hobby Stock race ever to be run in the state of Wisconsin. The Modifieds, Sportsmen, Hornets, Six Shooters and the High School Racing Association will also be

a part of this huge program. Gates open at 10:00, qualifying begins at 12:15 and the quest for the second Hobbyfest champion starts at 2.

Call the track office at 608-461-1920, visit our web site at or check out the track’s Facebook page for more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway and the 2021 schedule of events. For everything Hobbyfest 2 you need to know about, go to

Hobby Stocks
Feature (15 laps): 1. Aaron Hendricks, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Mike Krueger, Jr., 4. Chad Leis, 5. Alex Rud, 6. Jason Bolster, 7. Shelby Lockington, 8. Andy Muller
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Mike Krueger, Jr., 2. Andy Moore, 3. Aaron Hendricks, 4. Chad Leis, 5. Alex Rud, 6. Shelby Lockington, 7. Andy Muller, 8. Jason Bolster
Qualifying: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Mike Krueger, Jr., 3. Alex Rud, 4. Chad Leis, 5. Shelby Lockington, 6. Aaron Hendricks, 7. Andy Muller, 8. Jason Bolster (NO TIME)
Clark Powersport of Hillsboro Modifieds
Feature (15 laps): 1. Bill Schott, 2. Derrin Salo, 3. Kevin Seidler Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Kevin Seidler, 2. Bill Schott, 3. Derrin Salo Qualifying:. 1. Derrin Salo, 2. Kevin Seidler, 3. Bill Schott
Feature (15 laps): 1. Mark Challet, 2. David Borntrager, 3. Andrew Borntrager, 4. Jesse Vian
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Mark Challet, 2. David Borntrager, 3. Jesse Vian, 4. Andrew Borntrager
Qualifying: 1. Andrew Borntrager, 2. Mark Challet, 3. Dave Trute, 4. Jesse Vian, 5. David Borntrager (NO TIME)

Oops! Saloon and Grill by Angie Hornets
Feature (15 laps): 1. Mason Morphy, 2. Jason Stark, 3. Zach Oliver, 4. Paul Finch, 5. Matt Krinke, 6. Amelia Marshall, y. Jordan Finch, 8. Shawn McCarthy, 9. Jamie Pearson, 10. Bryan Wallace, 11. Scott Mahlum, 12. Tristan Finnegan, 13. James Hendricks, Sr., 14. Jeremy Moore, 15. Justin Marshall, 16. Nick DiCiaula
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Zach Oliver, 2. Matt Krinke, 3. Jordan Finch, 4. Scott Mahlum, 5. Justin Marshall, 6. Tristan Finnegan, 7. Jeremy Moore, 8. Nick DiCiaula
Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. Mason Morphy, 2. Paul Finch, 3. Shawn McCarthy, 4. Jamie Pearson, 5. Jason Stark, 6. Bryan Wallace, 7. James Hendricks, Sr., 8. Amelia Marshall Qualifying: 1. Jamie Pearson, 2. Mason Morphy, 3. Shawn McCarthy, 4. Paul Finch, 5. Amelia Marshall, 6. Bryan Wallace, 7. Jason Stark, 8. James Hendricks, Sr., 9. Scott
Mahlum, 10. Zach Oliver, 11. Tristan Finnegan, 12. Justin Marshall, 13. Jordan Finch, 14. Matt Krinke, 15. Nick DiCiaula, 16. Jeremy Moore
TACU Credit Union 6 Shooters
Feature (15 laps): 1. Taylor McMullen, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Devin Glass, 4. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 5. Joshua Zacharias, 6. Matt Cleveland, 7. Tim Murphy, Sr., 8. Chuck Muller, 9. Matt Heim, 10. Andrew Moore, 11. Brian Gardner, 12. Alex Rud, 13. Tory Lockington, 14. Chris Brown, 15. Todd Holerud, 16. Seth Gnewikow, 17. Clayton Haessig
Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. Joshua Zacharias, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Matt Heim, 4. Clayton Haessig, 5. Todd Holerud, 6. Chris Brown, 7. Brian Gardner
Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 2. Chuck Muller, 3. Taylor McMullen, 4. Matt Moore, 5. Tory Lockington, 6. Matt Cleveland, 7. Andrew Moore, 8. Devin Glass, 9. Tim Murphy, Sr., 10. Seth Gnewikow
Qualifying: 1. Matt Moore, 2. Taylor McMullen, 3. Seth Gnewikow, 4. Tim Murphy, Sr., 5. Chuck Muller, 6. Andrew Moore, 7. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 8. Tory Lockington, 9. Joshua Zacharias, 10. Matt Heim, 11. Clayton Haessig, 12. Todd Holerud, 13. Brian Gardner, 14. Chris Brown, 15. Alex Rud, 16. Devin Glass (NO TIME), 17. Matt Cleveland (NO TIME)
Soccer Moms
Feature (10 laps): 1. Carina Hellickson, 2. Shelly White, 3. Kayla Krinke, 4. Beth
Double Spin to Win Race: 1. Matt Moore, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Rick Porter, 4. Clayton
Haessig, 5. Todd Holerud
Grudge Race
Race #1: 1. Dave Trute, 2. Andy Moore Race #2: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Dave Trute Race #3: 1. Dave Trute, 2. Andy Moore