It was Three Times A Charm For Swan

Tomah, WI.
By: Dan Deicher

For the first time this year, spectators were able to watch a race at the Tomah-Sparta Speedway three week’s in a row. Weather was finally not a factor as race fans were thrilled with not only their local divisions, but also with the Mid American Stock Car Series. But for two Mid Am drivers, their finish in the 40 lap feature was not too thrilling…at least to them.

The top 8 in Mid Am points were on hand Friday night and the last lap of the 40 lap feature brought all race fans to their feet. After several cautions, Andrew Meyerhofer and Bill Prietzel tangling in turn one, knocking the Franklin Flyer out of contention and Bobby Gutknecht and Cody Clubb getting together also in turns one and two, which turned the entire side of Clubb’s car into a twisted piece of sheet metal, the battle for the front row came down to two drivers. Mid Am point leader, Ron Vandemeier Jr. battled Kenny Joosten side by side and bumper to bumper for the last 13 laps. As the two drivers went into turn three on the checkered flag lap, contact between the two sent them flying off the asphalt and that opened the door for James Swan who squeaked by and won the race. For Swan, it ended a three track, three series stretch in 4 daysSwan, Tuesday night, broke at Kaukauna in his Super Late Model in the Dixieland 250 and Thursday night Swan’s Midwest Truck Series feature was rained out after 7 laps. Next up for the Mid Am series is a stop at Golden Sands Speedway August 18th.

For Andy Moore, this Hobby Stock division is turning out to be alright. In a big, fast way. After Charles Vian Jr, broke down the back straight on lap 2, Moore took no time from his back row starting position to put a challenge on division point leader, Jeff Lefave Jr. for the lead. Lefave Jr. would catch a break mid way through the 15 lapper as a spun car brought out the caution and that enabled him to race past Moore. Moore would eventually go side by side with Lefave and go onto win the race by a half a car length. It was Moore’s second feature win in a row.

18 Hornets also thrilled the crowd Friday night and in the end, “The Rhinestone Cowboy” Alec Devito found his way to the top spot and cruised on to the win. Even after a crash into the turn three wall by last week’s feature winner, Tim Murphy, Devito would not be challenged for the last 11 laps. James Rittenhouse ran his best race of the year, taking second while point leader, Danny Frye settled for third. 

Jake Schiller went from the pole to victory lane in the Sportsmen 15 lapper. Bill Schott would make things interesting for several laps as he tried to get past Schiller 5 times. Schott would take second and Jeff Lefave Jr. would finish third.

All of the drivers in the Midwest Dash Series know, if the 56 of Patrick Thicke is near, hit the gas pedal and don’t let up. For Wayne Maulsby, that’s in fact what he did as he went on to win the 15 lap feature. No matter what line Thicke drove, he couldn’t get past Maulsby though he made many attempts to pass on the outside groove. It’s the second win this year for Maulsby.

6-Shooter point leader, Matt Moore, took the night off Friday night for a little family time. And that put the entire class on notice….yes…there will be a different feature winner. And there was….Moore’s Kendall, Wisconsin counterpart, Danny Frye. Frye, starting in the back row, worked his ’99 Mercury Cougar through a fast field and found daylight on lap 6 of 15. He would cruise from there. New comers, Tristan Drazkowski from Winona, Minnesota and his father, Matt, showed up Friday night and both stated ” This place was a blast…we will both be back again”! Draz Jr. finished the feature second. AL Bartels finished third. 

The annual and widely popular Tim Meyer Memorial will be held next Friday night at TSS. The night will feature Modifieds, Sportsmen, 6-Shooters, Hornets, Hobby Stocks and the Midwest Dash. The Chaos event will be the Double Spin To Win. For more information, go to

Tomah-Sparta Speedway

Official results 8-10-18


Qualifying: 1st Jeff Lafave Jr, 2nd Bill Schott, 3rd Jacob Schiller, 4th Charles Vian Jr, 5th Ike Andrews, 6th Jeff Sarver, 7th Troy Dobratz, 8th Ben Arndt

Heat 1: 1st Troy Dobratz, 2nd Jeff Sarver, 3rd ike Andrews

Heat 2: 1st Bill Schott, 2nd Jacob Schiller, 3rd Jeff Lafave jr

Feature: 1st Jacob Schiller, 2nd Bill Schott, 3rd Jeff LaFave Jr., 4th Ike Andrews, 5th Troy Dobratz 6th Jeff Sarver (DNS)

Hobby Stocks

Qualifying: 1st Jeff Lafave jr., 2nd Andy Moore, 3rd Mike Krueger Jr. 4th Ike Andrews

Heat 1: 1st Andy Moore, 2nd Jeff LaFave Jr,3rd Ike Andrews, 4th Mike Krueger Jr

Feature: 1st Jeff LaFave jr., 2nd Ike Andrews, 3rd Mike Krueger jr.

Tomah dash

Qualifying: 1st Patrick Thicke, 2nd Paul Finch, 3rd Nate Keller, 4th Peggy Olson, 5th Wayne Maulsby

Heat 1: 1st Patrick Thicke, 2nd Paul Finch, 3rd Wayne Maulsby, 4th Peggy Olson, 5th Nate Keller

Feature: 1st Wayne Maulsby, 2nd Patrick Thicke, 3rd Paul Finch, 4th Nate Keller, 5th Peggy Olson


Qualifying: 1st Matt Olson, 2nd Aaron Hendricks, 3rd Brandon Bergstrom, 4th Rob Stansfield, 5th Cheyanne Stansfield, 6th Donvan Hawes, 7th Ronnie Foster, 8th Ben Thurk, 9th James Rittenhouse, 10th Alec Devito, 11th Lonnie Wood Jr. 12th Tim Murphy, 13th Danny Frye, 14th Dustin Osbourne, 15th Chandler Turner, 16th James Wilson, 17th Dustin McKracken, 18th Jordan Finch

Heat 1: 1st Ronnie Foster, 2nd Lonnie Wood Jr, 3rd Dustin Osbourne, 4th James Wilson, 5th Jordan Finch, 6th Dustin McCracken

Heat 2: 1st Alec Devito, 2nd Lonnie Wood Jr, 3rd Tim Murphy, 4th James Rittenhouse, 5th Ben Thurk, 6th Chandler Turner

Heat 3: 1st Brandon Bergstrom, 2nd Cheyanne Stansfield, 3rd Matt Olson, 4th Rob Stansfield, 5th Aaron Hendricks, 6th Brandon Bergstrom

Feature: 1st Alec Devito, 2nd James Rittenhouse, 3rd Danny Frye, 4th Cheyanne Stansfield, 5th Rob Stansfield, 6th Lonnie Wood jr., 7th Aaron Hendricks, 8th Matt Olson, 9th Ronnie Foster, 10th Donavan Hawes, 11th Brandon Bergstrom,, 12th Dustin Osbourne, 13th Jordan Finch, 14th Ben Thurk, 15th James Wilson, 16th Dustin McCracken, 17th Tim Murphy, 18th Chandler Turner(DNS)

6 Shooters

Qualifying: 1st Dan Frye, 2nd Tristan Drazkowski, 3rd Sean Worman 4th Al Bartels, 5th Justin Delap Sr, 6th Clayton Haessig, 7th Matt Drazkowski, 8th Tim Murphy, 9th Alex Rud

Heat 1: 1st Tim Murphy, 2nd Clayton Haessig, 3rd Alex Rud, 4th Matt Drazkowski

Heat 2: 1st Tristan Drazkowski, 2nd Justin Delap sr, 3rd Dan Frye, 4th Al Bartels, 5th Sean Worman

Feature: 1st Dan Frye, 2nd Tristan Drazkowski, 3rd Al Bartels, 4th Sean Worman, 5th Alex Rud, 6th Clayton Haessig, 7th Justin Delap Sr., 8th Tim Murphy, 9th Matt Drazkowski