By:  Paul Reichert
June 28, 2019

The warm summer weather finally made its appearance in state of Wisconsin, but the action on the track at Tomah-Sparta Speedway was just as hot on Friday night.  There would be a lot of excitement during the final laps of several of the night’s feature races.  The highlight of the night was the annual visit by the American Super Cup Series, and their feature event once again was exciting all the way to the checkered flag.

Kendal Tracy took the lead at the start of the American Super Cup Series feature.  She would be caught and passed by the lone truck in the series, driven by Matt Rose.  Rose would pull out to a big lead, but he was slowly being caught by Michael Rose.  The battle of the Rose brothers would see Michael drive around Matt on the outside with five laps to go to assume the race lead.  In the late stages of the race both Rose brothers would have to contend with the night’s fast qualifier.  10 year old Logan Julien would get around Matt for second with three to go.  Julien then tracked down and passed Michael in turn two on the final lap to score his first series win in his rookie year.

Lonnie Wood, Sr. lead the opening lap of the Sportsmen feature.  Wood ran wide in turns three and four, allowing David Borntrager to dive under him in turn four and take over the top spot.  Borntrager would have a mirror full of the white 29 of Jason Backus for several laps.  Back in action since capturing the 2016 track championship, Backus would power around Borntrager on the outside on lap eight to claim the race lead.  Borntrager kept himself a few car lengths behind, but was unable to mount a late rally as Backus held on to claim his first win in a few years.

18s were wild in the evening’s Modified feature.  Rick DeVito would lead the first three laps of the main event.  DeVito would be passed on the outside by Nick Quinnell in turn three.  Quinnell tried to pull away, but DeVito kept close to Quinnell for much of the race.  DeVito cut down Quinnell’s advantage to two car lengths with three to go, but that would be as close as DeVito would get.  Quinnell kept DeVito in his rear view to capture his first win of the season.

In the Hobby Stock feature, Raymond Hardy drove around Al Bartels to take the lead early on in the race.  Hardy tried to pull away from the pack, but Andy Moore and Minnesota driver Nick Oxborough were closing.  Moore got around Oxborough on lap seven, and two laps later Moore motored past Hardy to take the lead.  That trio would run single file the rest of the way, with Moore capturing his fifth victory of the year.

Jazelynn Myer took the early lead in the combined Hornet/Mini Stock feature.  While Myer was getting away from the rest of the Hornets, Mini Stock driver Paul Finch was working his way through the field.  Finch would pass Myer on lap eight, and would be the top Mini Stock competitor.  Meanwhile, James Rittenhouse was eating up Myer’s huge advantage over the final five laps.  Rittenhouse closed to five car lengths, but Myer held on to claim her first ever feature win and ring the victory bell in TACU Victory Lane.

Landon Lockington got the better of fellow family member Tory at the start of the TACU Six Shooter feature.  Landon would get passed on the outside by Matt Moore on lap three.  Driving a brand new race car, Moore pulled out to a huge lead.  Dan Frye, driving Moore’s former race car, got around Jestin Delap, Sr. for second on lap eight.  Over the next six laps, Frye began to whittle away at Moore’s advantage.  Frye was on Moore’s bumper as they took the white flag.  Moore withstood a couple love taps from Frye down the back stretch to score the victory.

Action continues next Friday, July 5 with the Sporstmen, Hobby Stocks, Hornets, Six Shooters and Mini Stocks.  The Upper Midwest Vintage Racing Series will join us and take us on a trip to the glory days of racing.  If you have not been to Tomah-Sparta Speedway yet this season, next Friday is the night to come out with admission only $5.  Gates open at 4:00, qualifying takes place at 6:00 and the first green flag flies at 7:30.

For more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway or the 2019 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-461-1920 or visit

American Super Cup Series
Feature:  1. Logan Julien, 2. Michael Rose, 3. Matt Rose, 4. Sean Eurick, 5. Kendal Tracy, 6. Jessica Talley, 7. Mick Ellis, 8. Ryan Mader, 9. Del Schuler, 10. Brandon Vines
Heat 1:  1. Vines, 2. Ellis, 3. Julien, 4. Ma. Rose, 5. Mi. Rose
Heat 2:  1. Tracy, 2. Eurick, 3. Talley, 4. Schuler, 5. Mader
Qualifying:  1. Julien, 2. Ellis, 3. Mi. Rose, 4. Vines, 5. Ma. Rose, 6. Schuler, 7. Tracy, 8. Talley, 9. Eurick, 10. Mader

Feature:  1. Jason Backus, 2. David Borntrager, 3. Jake Schiller, 4. Lonnie Wood, Sr., 5. Aaron Hendricks
Heat:  1. Backus, 2. Schiller, 3. Borntrager
Qualifying:  1. Backus, 2. Borntrager, 3. Schiller

Feature:  1. Nick Quinnell, 2. Rick DeVito, 3. Brad Wildes
Heat:  1. Quinnell, 2. Paul Brown, 3. R. DeVito
Qualifying:  1. Brown, 2. Larry DeVito, 3. Quinnell

Hobby Stocks
Feature:  1. Andy Moore, 2. Raymond Hardy, 3. Nick Oxborough, 4. Bill Schott, 5. Al Bartels
Heat:  1. Oxborough, 2. A. Moore, 3. Hardy
Qualifying:  1. A. Moore, 2. Hardy, 3. Oxborough

Feature:  1. Paul Finch (Mini Stocks), 2. Jazelynn Myer, 3. James Rittenhouse, 4. Ronnie Foster, 5. Jordan Finch
Heat:  1. P. Finch (Mini Stocks), 2. Rittenhouse, 3. Myer
Qualifying:  1. Myer, 2. Rittenhouse, 3. Foster
Mini Stock Qualifying:  1. Paul Finch

TACU 6 Shooters
Feature:  1. Matt Moore, 2. Dan Frye, 3. Jestin Delap, Sr., 4. Clayton Haessig, 5. Tim Murphy
Heat 1:  1. Cameron Riggs, 2. Murphy, 3. Tory Lockington
Heat 2:  1. Frye, 2. Haessig, 3. Al Bartels
Qualifying:  1. Delap, Sr., 2. M. Moore, 3. Tristan Drazkowski