Ryan Gutknecht Crowned Champion At Oktoberfest

WEST SALEM, WI (Saturday, October 8, 2016) While local driver, Dan Gilster of West Salem, was dominating the 30 lap Oktoberfest feature event, Ryan Gutknecht was putting the finishing touches on his 2016 Quest Industrial Mid-American Stock Car Series season championship. Gutknecht capped off a season in which he scored three victories and led the standings almost the entire season. This is the first MASCS championship for the Oak Creek native.

The feature event began with Adam Oxborough and Gilster leading the field to green courtesy of wins in their respective heat races earlier in the evening. Gilster grabbed the early lead on lap one with Oxborough back to second and Bobby Gutknecht in third. Gutknecht slipped past Oxborough on lap five with Bill Prietzel in tow for third. On lap ten, Prietzel made his move on Gutknecht for second, diving under him as they raced into turn three. Contact between the duo on the exit of four led to Prietzel sliding into second.

With Gilster still showing the way on lap 14, the first of several caution periods slowed the pace. Gilster and Gutknecht led the field back to green with Gilster once again taking command of the point. But another caution on lap 15 appeared for a multi car melee. Racing resumed briefly before another caution slowed the pace, this time involving the point leader, Gutknecht.

Yet another yellow flag waved after the restart when several cars piled up in turn one. The incident collected Gutknecht once again, who was able to continue following attention from his pit crew.

Racing got back underway with Gilster still out front. Nick Clements moved up to second with Prietzel in third as the leaders began to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. One more caution on lap 22 for a three car incident down the backstretch. But Gilster remained in control with Clements watching closely from second.

At the checkers, it was Gilster for the Oktoberfest feature win followed by Clements, Prietzel, Shawn Utphall and Rick Corso. “This is a whirlwind of emotions!” exclaimed an excited Gilster in victory lane. “From being on our roof last week at Rockford to standing here is huge. Thanks to all the fans for all the support!”

Ryan Gutknecht limped to the finish line in a beat up stock car to finish 13th, but still capture the 2016 title. “Every week we’re not always the fastest car. But by the end of the night, we’re one of the best,” stated the champ.

Earlier in the evening, Kevin Berg of Sparta claimed top honors in qualifying after turning a lap of 20.821 seconds. Heat race wins went to Oxborough, Gilster and Rick Tackman Jr.


OKTOBERFEST 30 lap Feature Results- 1) Dan Gilster, West Salem (WI) 2) Nick Clements, West Salem (WI) 3) Bill Prietzel, Richfield (WI) 4) Shawn Utphall, Caledonia (WI) 5) Rick Corso, McHenry (IL) 6) Scott Dunning, LaGrange (IL) 7) Rick Tackman Jr, Waukesha (WI) 8) Kevin Berg, Sparta (WI) 9) Joe Monti, Merrill (WI) 10) Taylor Dawson, Wheatland (WI) 11) Jimmy Wilson, Kaukauna (WI) 12) Brad Warthan, Sparta (WI) 13) Ryan Gutknecht, Oak Creek (WI) 14) Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek (WI) 15) Brian Holtz, Franksville (WI) 16) Tyler Bauknecht, Reedsville (WI) 17) Adam Oxborough, New Prague (MN) 18) Dakota Miller, Sparta (WI) 19) Kenny Joosten, Wonder Lake (IL) 20) Jason Dummer, Holmen (WI) 21) Mark Brooner, Tomah (WI)
Qualifying Results- 1) Kevin Berg, 20.821 2) Dan Gilster, 20.867 3) Nick Clements, 20.875 4) Tyler Bauknecht, 21.078 5) Bill Prietzel, 21.211 6) Brian Holtz, 21.228 7) Rick Corso, 21.242 8) Scott Dunning, 21.366 9) Bobby Gutknecht, 21.370 10) Ryan Gutknecht, 21.595 11) Brad Warthan, 21.683 12) Shawn Utphall, 21.753 13) Adam Oxborough, 21.786 14) Joe Monti, 21.805 15) Kenny Joosten, 21.821 16) Rick Tackman Jr, 21.939 17) Dakota Miller, 21.977 18) Mark Brooner, 21.980 19) Jason Dummer, 22.160 20) Jimmy Wilson, 22.414 21) Taylor Dawson, 22.436
Heat #1 Results- 1) Adam Oxborough 2) Bobby Gutknecht 3) Bill Prietzel 4) Rick Corso 5) Nick Clements 6) Kevin Berg 7) Brad Warthan
Heat #2 Results- 1) Dan Gilster 2) Shawn Utphall 3) Tyler Bauknecht 4) Ryan Gutknecht 5) Scott Dunning 6) Brian Holtz 7) Joe Monti
Heat #3 Results- 1) Rick Tackman Jr 2) Mark Brooner 3) Dakota Miller 4) Kenny Joosten 5) Jason Dummer 6) Taylor Dawson 7) Jimmy Wilson