By: Paul Reichert July 10, 2020

Another great crowd turned out at Tomah-Sparta Speedway to witness more exciting racing action on the third-mile oval known as ‘Daytomah’. Tonight’s racing had a little more meaning as the Kim Parsons Memorial Trophy Tour came to Tomah to hand out trophies to the feature winners. Tyler Sauter got the lead four laps into the Sportsmen feature and ran away with a big win along with a big trophy from the Parsons Tour.

In the Coors Light Sportsmen feature, Mark Challet shot into the lead at the start of the race. Challet was challenged early in the race by Jake Schiller and Bill Schott. Tyler Sauter kept his new Sportsmen ride on the outside as he surged from fourth at the end of lap three into the lead at the end of lap four. Schott would get under Challet to take over second on lap six, and by lap eight Challet lost third to
Schiller. Schiller, last week’s feature winner, did everything he could to get around Schott to try to catch up to Sauter. Schiller looked low then high, but cold not find an opportunity to take over second. Back up front, Sauter was far and away the car to beat on this night as he scored the victory.

Brad Wildes started on the pole for the Twisted Tea Modified feature and assumed the top spot immediately. Nick Quinnell and Derrin Salo, the most recent feature winners, got into a very hard fought and competitive tussle over the runner-up spot. First it was Salo on the inside nosing ahead into second for a few laps. Quinnell got a run on the outside to put his modified into second place for a few more laps. The battle ended on lap 11 when Quinnell got loose in turns one and two, allowing Salo to power his way into second. By that time Wildes was too far ahead for Salo to make any late race challenges. Wildes claimed his third win of the year, but may have to help out with track maintenance before next week’s races. Wildes may not have known his own strength as he brought the Victory Bell in TACU Credit Union Victory Lane.

With point leader Andy Moore taking the night off, the Hobby Stock feature was anybody’s race to win. Rookie Austin Schott took the lead from the pole at the start. Brandon Gallagher needed only a lap to move around Aaron Hendricks into second spot, then caught and passed Schott to take over the race lead on lap three. Hendricks, who recorded his first ever fast qualifying honor, used to outside lane to get around Schott for second on lap five. Despite missing out on qualifying, multi-time LaCrosse Hobby Stock champ Jason Bolster was making his way through the field. Bolster first drove around Schott for third just before halfway, then powered past Hendricks for second on lap ten. Over the final five laps, Bolster did everything he could to catch and pass Gallagher. In the end, Gallagher maintained his lead
over Bolster to take his first ever feature win at Tomah.

In the Hornet feature, Chandler Turner surged into the lead right after the green flag flew. Jordan Finch tried to close in on Turner for the lead, but she could not get close enough to make a challenge. Instead, Finch had her hands full with Taylor Dawson in the battle over second. The front runners like Paul FInch, Scott Mahlum and Bryan Wallace were struggling to make their way through traffic. Steve Putnam, Jr., a newcomer to Tomah from the Rockford area, took a hard hit in his first visit to Tomah with five laps to go. Putnam, Jr. ran too wide out of turn two, tagged the outside wall and then rode it before coming to rest on all four wheels in the middle of the back straight. Fortunately, Putnam, Jr. was doing fine after that wild ride. Turner shot back to the lead off the restart. Shawn McCarthy quickly got around Dawson

for third on lap 12. Finch’s engine suddenly shut down with two laps to go and forced her to pull into the infield. Turner held a four car length lead on McCarthy as he crossed the finish line first.

Joshua Zacharias started on the pole for the TACU Credit Union Six Shooter feature, and quickly took charge of the race. After leading the first five laps, Zacharias soon would have deal with the top guns of the class. Both Dan Frye and Matt Moore made their way through traffic with relative ease, moving into second and third by lap three. Frye would motor by Zacharias on the outside to take the lead on lap

six. Shortly after that, a debris caution flew. On the restart, Zacharias got a second wind and powered by Frye to take over the lead again. Frye used the outside lane to his advantage to wrestle the lead away from Zacharias for good on lap eight. Now Frye would have to contend with his teammate for the rest of the race once again. Moore looked high and looked low to make his way around Frye. Frye would not be denied the victory this time as he ended his teammate’s three feature win streak.

The first event of the year for the Chaos division took place. The Stop-N-Go race had the competitors come to a complete stop in a certain zone off of turn four before getting on the gas again. Dustin McCracken and Jestin DeLap, Sr. battled much of the way in the race. McCracken quickly hit the accelerator every time to zoom ahead of DeLap to claim the win.

Action continues next Friday, July 17 as the Midwest Dash Series travels to Tomah-Sparta Speedway for the Greg Oliver 30. They will be joined by the Sportsmen, Hobby Stocks, Hornets and Six Shooters. Gates open at 5:00, qualifying starts at 6:15 and racing action drops the clutch at 7:30. For more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway or the 2020 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-461-1920 or visit our web site at

Twisted Tea Modifieds
Feature: 1. Brad Wildes, 2. Derrin Salo, 3. Nick Quinnell, 4. Rick DeVito, 5. Antonio DeVito Heat #1: 1. Salo, 2. Quinnell, 3. Wildes
Qualifying: 1. Quinnell, 2. Wildes, 3. Salo
Coors Light Sportsmen
Feature: 1. Tyler Sauter, 2. Bill Schott, 3. Jake Schiller, 4. Mark Challet, 5. Troy Dobbratz Heat #1: 1. Challet, 2. B. Schott, 3. Schiller
Qualifying: 1. Sauter, 2. B. Schott, 3. Schiller
Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Brandon Gallagher, 2. Jason Bolster, 3. Aaron Hendricks, 4. Austin Schott, 5. Alex Rud Heat #1: 1. Gallagher, 2. Rud, 3. Hendricks
Qualifying: 1. Hendricks, 2. Gallagher, 3. Rud
Feature: 1. Chandler Turner, 2. Shawn McCarthy, 3. Taylor Dawson, 4. Dan Rozek, 5. Keenan Shaw Heat #1: 1. Andrew Lamb, 2. Amelia Marshall, 3. Matt Renning
Heat #2: 1. Jordan Finch, 2. McCarthy, 3. Paul Finch
Heat #3: 1. Dawson, 2. Steve Putnam, Jr., 3. Bryan Wallace
Qualifying: 1. P. Finch, 2. Dakota Clauson, 3. Rozek

TACU Credit Union Six Shooters
Feature: 1. Dan Frye, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Sean Worman, 4. Joshua Zacharias, 5. Dustin McCracken Heat #1: 1. Tory Lockington, 2. Zacharias, 3. Trayton Winecke
Heat #2: 1. M. Moore, 2. McCracken, 3. Al Bartels
Heat #3: 1. Frye, 2. Worman, 3. Tim Murphy, Sr.
Qualifying: 1. M. Moore, 2. Frye, 3. McCracken
Stop-N-Go Race: 1. Dustin McCracken, 2. Justin DeLap, Sr., 3. Tim Murphy, Sr.