By Dan Deicher
April 29, 2016 Tomah, WI. – Open for stock car racing since 1964, the newly renamed Tomah-Sparta Speedway in Tomah, WI., under the guidance of Bangor, Wisconsin’s Greg Oliver, opened Sunday afternoon under fantastic weather conditions. And not only did Sparta’s, Bill Schott, bring out the heat in the 15 lap Hobby Stock feature, he added more heat to the 65 degree day by attending to a fire….outside the track.

The Hobby Stock feature was first to take center stage and after Schott slammed the turn 2 wall half way through the 15 lapper, destroying his back wheel, a small fire developed beyond the wall from sparks kicked up by Schott. Realizing the area was under a fire danger, Schott ran to the fire, stripped off his racing coat and started pounding the fire down until track safety crews put out the rest. After the field went back to green, Beaver Dam, WI. driver Phillip Wuesthoff found his trek across the state a fruitful one as he picked up the win.

The souped up 4 cylinder class labeled Midwest Dash was up next for their 15 lap feature and West Salem, Wisconsin’s, Patrick Thicke, who never had a chance to run his new car at La Crosse’s Oktoberfest last year due to rain, found out how fast his car is by winning the event easily over the field.

Belle Plain Minnesota’s, Devin Schmidt, made his three hour round trip to the Tomah track worth while as he defeated Muscoda, Wisconsin’s, David Borntreger is a 15 lap shoot-out between the 2 drivers.

The Monsters of the track, the Modified’s, rumbled around Tomah for 20 laps and in the end, Paul Brown of Friendship, Wisconsin, turned the Sunday race into an afternoon stroll in the park. 2017 Mod Champ, Denny Schott of Mauston, Wisconsin settled for second after holding off Jay Potter of Tomah for 13 laps.

The final 15 lap feature of the day saw Kendall, Wisconsin’s Matt Moore take to the lead early, only to be chased down by Tomah’s Jimmy Smith III. Heat race winner, Jeff Quist of Necedah, Wisconsin made things interesting down the stretch, only to place third.

The Tomah-Sparta Speedway will go to their regular Friday night race schedule on May 11t​ h​, 2018.

Admission: Adults- $10 Senior- $8 Military w/ID- $8 Students 6-17- $5 5 and under- Free

Call the Speedway, located off of Highway 21 in Tomah at (608)461-1920 or visit​ ​for more information.

Results for 4/29/2018

Qualifying: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Jay Potter, 3. Derrin Salo, 4. Paul Brown, 5. Chris Quinnell Heat 1: 1. Denny Schott, 2. Jay Potter, 3. Paul Brown, 4. Derrin Salo, 5. Chris Quinnell Feature: 1. Paul Brown, 2. Denny Schott, 3. Jay Potter, 4. Chris Quinnell, Derrin Salo DNS.

Qualifying: 1. David Borntreger, 2. Devin Schmidt, 3. Abe Miller DNQ Heat 1: 1. Devin Schmidt, 2. David Borntreger, 3. Abe Miller Feature: 1. Devin Scmidt, 2. David Borntrger, 3. Abe Miller

Hobby Stocks
Qualifying: 1. Phillip Wuesthoff, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Jeffery Lefave Jr., 4. Benjamin Arndt, 5. Tom Farra, 6. Bill Schott, 7. Charles Vian Heat 1: 1. Jeffery Lefave Jr.,2. Andy Moore, 3. Phillip Wuesthoff, 4. Tom Farra, 5. Charles Vian, 6. Bill Schott, 7. Benjamin Arndt Feature: 1. Phillip Wuesthoff, 2. Jeffery Lefave Jr., 3. Andy Moore, 4. Tom Farra, 5. Benjamin Arndt, 6. Bill Schott, 7. Charles Vian

Qualifying: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Ron Coppernoll, 3. Wayne Maulsby, 4. Paul Finch Heat 1: 1. Wayne Maulsby, 2. Patrick Thicke, 3. Ron Coppernoll, 4. Paul Finch Feature: 1. Patrick Thicke, 2. Paul Finch, 3. Wayne Maulsby, 4. Ron Coppernoll

Qualifying: 1. Jeff Quist, 2. Jim Smith, 3. Danny Frye, 4. Alec Devito, 5. Ronnie Foster, 6. Lonnie Wood Jr., 7. Jeff Von Ruden, 8. Brandon Bergstrom, 9. Alex Rude, 10. Jordan Finch, DNQ Tim Murphy Heat 1: 1. Jeff Von Ruden, 2. Brandon Bergstrom, 3 Lonnie Wood Jr. 4. Ronnie Foster, 5. Jordan Finch, 6. Alex Rude Heat 2: 1. Jeff Quist, 2. Danny Frye, 3. Jim Smith, 4. Tim Murphy, 5. Alec Devito Feature: 1. Jim Smith, 2. Jeff Quist, 3. Brandon Bergstrom, 4. Danny Frye, 5. Tim Murphy, 6. Ronnie Foster, 7. Jeff Von Ruden, 8. Alec Devito, 9. Jordan Finch, 10. Alex Rude, DNS Lonnie Wood Jr.

6 Shooters
Qualifying: 1. Matt Moore Heat 1: 1. Matt Moore Feature: 1. Matt Moore