Two for Two for Swan

Fresh after picking up the win in the Midwest Truck Series, James Swan jumped in his Mid-American car and raced his way to victory lane.

Andrew Meyerhofer and Cody Clubb led the field of ten cars to the green flag in their 30 lap feature. Clubb quickly stepped away from Meyerhofer to take the lead. On lap 3 Bobby Gutknecht powered his way past Meyerhofer for second with Lyle Nowak moving into third on the fifth lap.

Ron Vandemeier Jr. moved up into third on lap 10 and three laps later worked his way past Gutknecht for second with James Swan moving into third on the next lap. By the half-way mark It appeared that Clubb was going to check away from the field but Vandemeier Jr. and Swan weren’t going to let that happen.

By lap 20 the gap was down to a single car length. On lap 21 Vandemeier Jr. raced past Clubb for the lead with Swan right behind him. On lap 24 Swan moved into second and two laps later got past Vandemeier Jr. for the lead and cruised his way to victory lane. Vandemeier Jr. finished in second with Clubb taking home third place.

“This car was awesome today with a lot of forward grip,” said Swan. “I learned a few things from the truck race and made it work in this race.”

Fast qualifier for the MASCS was Rick Corso who turned a lap of 19.614. Heat winners were James Swan and Cody Clubb.

Mid American Stock Car Series

30 Lap Feature: (1-10) James Swan, Ron Vandemeier Jr., Cody Clubb, Bill Prietzel, Kenny Joosten, Bobby Gutknecht, Lyle Nowak, Rick Corso, Andrew Meyerhofer, Landry Potter, Mark Brooner (DNS).

8 Lap Heat #1: James Swan, Bill Prietzel, Ron Vandemeier Jr., Lyle Nowak, Rick Corso

8 Lap Heat: #2: Cody Clubb, Bobby Gutknecht, Andrew Meyerhoferr, Kenny Joosten, Landry Potter, Mark Brooner (DNS)

Qualifying: (1-11) Rick Corso, Bill Prietzel, Ron Vandemier Jr., James Swan, Lyle Nowak, Kenny Joosten, Bobby Gutknecht, Andrew Meyerhofer, Cody Clubb, Landry Potter, Mark Brooner