By:  Paul Reichert
August 9, 2019

A ‘chamber of commerce’ night welcomed the race fans back to Tomah-Sparta another traveling series paid us a visit.  The Mid-American Stock Car Series made their annual visit, and they did not disappoint with a lot of action and drama in their feature.  Despite arriving after qualifying, reigning series champ Ron Vandermeir, Jr. went from the back to the front to claim the victory in the 40-lap feature.

Andrew Meyerhofer started on the pole in the Mid-American Stock Car Series feature and showed the way early.  Something broke on Matt Clemens’ car and Jason Thoma tried to go around him.  Both ended up in the turn two wall to bring out the caution.  Cody Clubb would drive under Meyerhofer to assume the race lead.  Caution flew shortly after that for Sam Messel’s spin in turn one.  The restart did not last long when Tyler Sauter, Larry Bolster and Jimmy Wilson got tangled up in turn four.  Just past the halfway mark, Clubb began sparking due to a broken sway bar.  He pressed on and remained in the lead.  After missing qualifying, Rob Vandermeir, Jr. got around Meyerhofer for second on lap 24.  Vandermeir, Jr. began to close in on Clubb, and he dove under him to take the lead with ten laps to go.  Vandermeir, Jr. would pull away down the stretch to capture his second win of 2019.

In the Modified feature, Keenan Shaw took the lead at the start of the race.    Larry DeVito drove around Shaw to become the new leader on lap two.  Fast qualifier Nick Quinnell would come from deep in the field to charge past DeVito to assume command of the race on lap four.    DeVito lost it coming out of turn four at the end of lap five and collected the dirt modified of Dustin Wudstrack.  Wudstrack brought his IMCA Sport Modified he races at Shawano to shake it down prior to racing at Deer Creek Speedway the next night.  Quinnell began to pull away off the restart, but he would have to contend with Brad Wildes the rest of the way.  Wildes tried to close the gap on Quinnell, but the black 18 would drive away with his third victory of the year.

Alex Rud took the lead in the Hobby Stock feature right from the waving of the green flag.  His lead time lasted only one lap as Bill Schott charged by to move into the number one spot.  After a yellow for a tangle in turn four between Aaron Hendricks and Raymond Hardy, Schott tried to pull away.  Using the outside groove was Andy Moore.  He closed up quickly on Schott and zoomed by the 2 car to claim the lead on lap four.  Moore began to open up his lead over the lead as the laps clicked away.  Hardy was making his way through the field again after his earlier tangle.  Hardy got around Schott for second with five to go, but Moore was too far ahead as he drove off with his seventh win this season.

Mini Stock drivers Steven Rozak and Paul Finch led the way in the combined Hornets/Mini Stock feature. Both pulled away from the Hornets and got into their battle.  Meanwhile, James Rittenhouse would lead the first six laps for the Hornets.  Andy Barney, driving daughter Jaydin Schock’s car, roared past Rittenhouse on the outside to take over the race lead.  While Rozak and Finch continued their battle, Alec DeVito began to charge his way through the Hornet field.  DeVito would take second away from Rittenhouse with six laps to go.  Rozak would hold off Finch to take the Mini Stock portion of the feature.  DeVito would not be able to close the gap on Barney as he claimed his first ever feature win at ‘Daytomah’.

Tim Murphy started on the pole of the TACU Credit Union Six Shooters feature and quickly took the lead.  Murphy would build up a huge lead over the first ten laps of the race.  Starting at the back of the pack, Dan Frye and Matt Moore would work their way through the field   With five laps to go, Frye got around Al Bartels for second.  Just when it looked like a new face would emerge in TACU Victory Lane, Frye would take big bites out of Murphy’s advantage.  Frye would catch and motor past Murphy on the next to last lap to capture the checkered flag first.

Action continues next Friday, August 16 with the Sportsmen, Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Hornets, Six Shooters and Mini Stocks.  Kids rides will take place after qualifying, and the Chaos division returns to action with the Double Spin to Win Race.  Gates open at 4:00, qualifying begins at 6:00, and racing starts at 7:30.  For more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway or the 2019 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-461-1920 or visit

Mid-American Stock Car Series
Feature:  1. Ron Vandermeir, Jr., 2. Cody Clubb, 3. Bobby Gutknecht, 4. Andrew Meyerhofer, 5. Devin Schmidt, 6. Michael Gilomen, 7. Larry Bolster. 8. Dale Lecus, Jr., 9. Matt Clemens, 10. Mike Krueger, Jr., 11. Tim Scrogham, 12. Sam Messel, 13. Jimmy Wilson, 14. Tyler Sauter, 15. Jason Thoma
Heat 1:  1. Wilson, 2. Lecus, Jr., 3. Krueger, Jr., 4. Meyerhofer, 5. Messel, 6. Scrogham
Heat 2:  1. Clemens, 2. Thoma, 3. Clubb, 4. Gutknecht, 5. Schmidt, 6. Vandermeir, Jr., 7. Bolster, 8. Gilomen
Qualifying:  1. Schmidt, 2. Gutknecht, 3. Clubb, 4. Thoma, 5. Clemens, 6. Bolster, 7. Gilomen, 8. Meyerhofer, 9. Wilson, 10. Scrogham, 11. Lecus, Jr., 12. Messel, 13. Krueger, Jr.

Feature:  1. Nick Quinnell, 2. Brad Wildes, 3. Larry DeVito, 4. Keenan Shaw, 5. Rick DeVito
Heat:  1. L. DeVito, 2. Quinnell, 3. Wildes
Qualifying:  1. Quinnell, 2. Wildes, 3. L. DeVito

Hobby Stocks
Feature:  1. Andy Moore, 2. Bill Schott, 3. Raymond Hardy, 4. Alex Rud, 5. Brandon Gallagher
Heat 1:  1. Rud, 2. Gallagher, 3. Aaron Hendricks
Heat 2:  1. Joel Geisser, 2. B. Schott, 3. Hardy
Qualifying:  1. A. Moore, 2. Hardy, 3. Schott

Feature:  1. Steven Rozak (Mini Stock), 2. Paul Finch (Mini Stock), 3. Andy Barney, 4. Alec DeVito, 5. James Rittenhouse, 6. Jazelynn Myer, 7. Mason Morphy
Heat 1:  1. Shawn McCarthy, 2. Dakota Clauson, 3. Rittenhouse
Heat 2:  1. Barney, 2. A. DeVito, 3. P. Finch (Mini Stock)
Qualifying:  1. Morphy, 2. J. Myer, 3. A. DeVito
Mini Stock Qualifying:  1. Steven Rozak, 2. P. Finch

TACU Credit Union Six Shooters
Feature:  1. Dan Frye, 2. Tim Murphy, 3. Al Bartels, 4. Matt Moore, 5. Jonathan Burbach
Heat 1:  1. Austin Schott, 2. Murphy, 3. Charlie Spry
Heat 2:  1. M. Moore, 2. Clayton Haessig, 3. Bartels
Qualifying:  1. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 2. M. Moore, 3. Frye