By: Paul Reichert
August 28, 2022
Tomah-Sparta Speedway is becoming a new venue for big marquee events that bring out some of the top drivers to challenge this tough track.  The Tim Myer Memorial Race has been a long standing tradition at ‘Daytomah’ and Dillon Sellner captured his second win in the past three years.  The Late Models have returned to Tomah after a few years’ absence and Jesse Bernhagen has been the driver to beat.  Bernhagen won the first two rounds of the Late Model Triple Crown Series and captured the win in the first visit ever by the Big 8 Late Model Series.  The third edition of HobbyFest took place on Sunday and it resulted in another interesting ending to the event.  Jake Schiller crossed the line in first but thanks to an issue discovered in post-race inspection Chris Weber would be given the win.

In the 30 lap HobbyFest IIi main event, Jake Schiller and Jimmie Jorgenson started on the front row and would have a see-saw battle for the lead for the first half of the race.  Schiller stuck to the low side of the track while Jorgenson worked the high line.  Schiller would get ahead of Jorgenson coming out of turn four to take the lead at the line most of the time.  The yellow flag flew on lap 13 for Mike Krueger, Jr. going for a spin in turn four.  Jorgenson would get ahead of Schiiler to lead the first three laps off the restart, but Jorgenson got loose just after taking the crossed flags and that allowed Schiller to take back the lead.  Two new contenders entered the picture as Charles Vian, Jr. and Dave Trute applied a lot of pressure on Schiller for the lead.  With four laps to go Vian, Jr. and Trute began to lean into each other and the result was a flat tire for each driver that forced them to stop on the track to cause a caution flag.  Chris Weber got around Jorgenson for second on the restart and tried to get around Schiller for the lead.  Schiller stayed on the inside to protect his lead and held off Weber to cross the finish in first.  Unfortunately, Schiller would be stripped of the win during post-race inspection due to unapproved shocks and Weber would be declared the winner of HobbyFest III.

Parker Bodendorfer drove around Ethan Jensen to take the lead at the start of the Wisconsin Mighty Bandos Traveling Series feature.  Bentley Thompson started in a back-up car and went from the back to second by the end of lap one.  Two laps later Thompson went to the outside of Bodendorfer to grab the top spot.  Thompson’s lead was not safe as Easton Riedner powered by Bodendorfer for second on lap four.  Thompson held up well despite a mirror full of the 7D machine until Riedner lost control of his car in turn two on lap eight and tagged the outside wall.  Thompson had a mirror full of point leader Axel Oldenhoff on the restart, but he was up to the challenge to stay in front of the pack.  Not only did Thompson had to fight off Oldenhoff but had to deal with two more caution periods in the last six laps.  Thompson followed up his first ever Bandolero win at the Dells with a trip to TACU Credit Union Victory Lane after claiming his first Tomah win.  Oldenhoff maintained the runner-up spot to claim the three-race Tomah championship.
In the final Modified feature of the year, Jesse Vian quickly charged to the front with the title contenders right behind him.  Vian was putting in another strong effort as the leader of the pack despite Weston Marthaler driving around Larry DeVito for second on lap five.  A lap later Marthaler stuck to the outer groove and shot past Vian to move into the lead position.  As Marthaler began to open up his advantage on the field, we would witness another competitive battle between Vian and DeVito as Vian maintained the low line and gave the outside lane to DeVito.  He tried many times to look for a way around Vian, but DeVito could not get that opportunity and hoped for some kind of slip up or mechanical gremlins striking Vian.  Marthaler was the driver to beat this day as he scored feature win number five on the season and locked up his biggest track championship to date.

In the Sportsmen feature Scott Mahlum powered by Troy Dobbartz to lead his first feature ever.  Making his return to competition at ‘Daytomah’, In his first racing action in over two years, Jason Backus powered by Dobbratz to claim second on lap five and put some pressure on Mahlum.  Mahlum was able to turn away Backus but soon would have a new challenger to deal with.  Starting at the back of the field Dan Frye would use the outside lane to drive around Backus to take over the number two position with six laps remaining.  Frye tried to find a way around Mahlum to move into the lead spot, but Mahlum was doing everything he could to prevent that from happening.  Mahlum kept the field at bay as he captured his first career Sportsmen feature win, while Frye took second and locked up his second straight championship.  After the race Frye announced he was stepping away from Sportsmen racing to help out his kids with their racing efforts.

Jefferson Bandit driver Nick Newton charged by Matthew Heim to take the lead at the start of the Command Post Saloon Hornet feature.  For the first half of the race Newton had to contend with three different challenges to keep a tight hold on the top spot.  First Zach Oliver tried to wrestle the lead away from Newton but could not turn the trick.  Paul Finch moved into second on lap four and did his best to claim the lead but his best would not be good enough.  Kyle RIedner powered by Finch for second on lap seven and took a different approach to seek the race lead.  Riedner bided his way waiting for the right moment to strike, which came with five laps to go.  Driving Mason Morphey’s car, Riedner shot past Newton on the outside to take charge of the race.  Riedner would go from crashing through the front straight billboards in last year’s HobbyFest Hornet feature to capturing his first ever ‘Daytomah’ checkered flag victory.

Tristan Finnegan charged past Jay Raines to take the lead at the start of the TACU Credit Union 6 Shooter feature.  Raines clawed his way back around Finnegan to move into the top spot on lap two.  Mike Gratz was throwing everything he could at Raines to claim the lead in his brand new ride, but Raines fought back and held onto the lead.  Soon Raines would have to contend with the ever present top dog of the division that is Matt Moore.  After starting in the middle of the pack, Moore caught Raines and did a little ‘bump and run’ move out of turn two with three laps to go.  That got Raines loose and allowed Moore to dive under him for the race lead.  Moore would pull away over the last few laps to hit the finish line first.

In the High School Racing Association feature Landin Frye shot past Kennedy Krueger to settle into the race lead right from the green flag.  As the field was trying to sort itself out Frye was opening up his lead on the field.  Coming from the back of the field, both Mitchell Berg and Curtis Hellickson were making swift and effective progress to catch up to Frye.  A slip by Ryatt Dobbratz in turn two on lap seven allowed Berg and Hellickson to take over third and fourth.  This hard working duo would take over second and third just past the halfway mark of the race thanks to another case of overdriving the track thanks to Krueger.  Berg and Hellickson were not able to make any sort of dent in Frye’s lead over the remaining six laps.  Frye would notch his first win at Tomah to go along with his first HSRA win at LaCrosse earlier in the year. With this being the final race of the season, Ashton Kinsey was crowned the state champion and Melrose-Mindoro High School was named the School Champion.

The final weekly racing action takes place at ‘Daytomah’ on Friday, September 2 as we crown the rest of the track champions for the season.  The highlight of the night is the final round of the Late Model Triple Crown Series.  Jesse Bernhagen, the winner of the first two rounds as well as the Big 8 race, has a $500 bounty on his head if any other driver can defeat him in the feature. The Hobby Stocks, Hornets and Six Shooters battle one final time to settle their championships, while the Soccer Moms will race in their ‘grocery getters’ one last time.  Gates open at 5, qualifying fires up at 6 and the last green flags of 2022 start flying at 7:30.  After what happened last year, please keep this in mind.  If we do happen to get rained out on Friday, we will try again to run Season Championship Night on Friday, September 9.

Call the track office at 608-461-1920, visit our web site at or check out the track’s Facebook page for more information about Tomah-Sparta Speedway and the 2022 schedule of events.

Hobbyfest III
Feature (30 laps):  1. Chris Weber, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Jimmie Jorgenson, 4. Jevin Guralski, 5. Steve Dobbratz, 6. Chuck Egli, 7. Nick Oxborough, 8. Jesse Fischer, 9. Brandon Riedner, 10. Mike Krueger, Jr., 11. Jamie Tate, 12. Charles Vian, Jr., 13. Mike Bollinger, 14. Jason Bolster, 15. Chas Leis, 16. Tucker Bodendorfer, 17. Dave Trute, 18. Robbie Rucks, 19. Robby Robinson, 20. Jake Schiller (DQ)
Last Chance Race (12 laps/Top 2 advance):  1. Mike Bollinger, 2. Chad Leis, 3. Dalton Egli, 4. Justin Wagner, 5. Shelby Lockington, 6. Alex Rud, 7. Andy Muller, 8. Tyler Stuber, 9. Aaron Hendricks, 10. Grant Witcraft, 11. Bryan Nalan, Jr., 12. Lee Howard, 13. Matt McLaughlin
Odd Dash (10 laps):  1. Dave Trute, 2. Tucker Bodendorfer, 3. Brandon Riedner, 4. Andy Moore, 5. Robbie Rucks, 6. Jimmie Jorgenson, 7. Chuck Egli
Even Dash (10 laps):  1. Robby Robinson, 2. Jevin Guralski, 3. MIke Krueger, Jr., 4. Charles Vian, Jr., 5. Chris Weber, 6. Jake Schiller, 7. Steve Dobbratz
Qualifying Heat #1 (10 laps/Top 2 advance):  1. Jason Bolster, 2. Nick Oxborough, 3. Mike Bollinger, 4. Shelby Lockington, 5. Dalton Egli, 6. Justin Wagner, 7. Tyler Stuber, 8. Lee Howard, 9. Jestin DeLap, Sr., 10. Tyler Vincetich
Qualifying Heat #2 (10 laps/Top 2 advance):  1. Jamie Tate, 2. Jesse Fischer, 3. Chad Leis, 4. Andy Muller, 5. Alex Rud, 6. Matt McLaughlin, 7. Aaron Hendricks, 8. Bryan Nalan, Jr., 9. Grant Witcraft
Qualifying:  1. Dave Trute 16.900, 2. Jevin Guralski 17.156, 3. Brandon Riedner 17.158, 4. MIke Krueger, Jr. 17.185, 5. Andy Moore 17.195, 6. Chris Weber 17.408, 7. Robbie Rucks 17.454, 8. Steve Dobbratz 17.485, 9. Chuck Egli 17.496, 10. Charles Vian, Jr. 17.499, 11. Jimmie Jorgenson 17.550, 12. Jake Schiller 17.587, 13. Tucker Bodendorfer 17.626, 14. Robby Robinson 17.651, 15. Nick Oxborough 17.699, 16. Chas Leis 17.753, 17. Dalton Egli 17.857, 18. Jesse Fischer 17.929, 19. Mike Bollinger 18.024, 20 Jamie Tate 18.034, 21. Tyler Vincetich 18.154, 22. Andy Muller 18.211, 23. Jason Bolster 18.444, 24. Alex Rud 18.550, 25. Tyler Stuber 18.563, 26. Bryan Nalan, Jr. 18.604, 27. Shelby Lockington 18.605, 28. Grant Witcraft 18.891, 29. Lee Howard 18.975, 30. Aaron Hendricks 18.977, 31. Jestin DeLap, Sr. 19.423, 32. Matt McLaughlin 20.002
Wisconsin Mighty Bandos Traveling Series
Feature (15 laps):  1. Bentley Thompson, 2. Axel Oldenhoff, 3. Parker Bodendorfer, 4. Casie Brabant, 5. Ace Oldenhoff, 6. Ethan Jensen, 7. William Carpenter, 8. Easton Riedner
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Parker Bodendorfer, 2. Casie Brabant, 3. Etahn Jensen, 4. William Carpenter
Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Easton Riedner, 2. Axel Oldenhoff, 3. Ace Oldenhoff, 4. Bentley Thompson
Qualifying:  1. Easton Riedner 18.690, 2. Bentley Thompson 18.902, 3. Axel Oldenhoff 19.134, 4. Ace Oldenhoff 19.273, 5. Casie Brabant 20.119, 6. Parker Bodendorfer 20.259, 7. Ethan Jensen 21.042, 8. William Carpenter 28.232
Feature (15 laps):  1. Weston Marthaler, 2. Jesse Vian, 3. Cole Howard, 4. Larry DeVito, 5. Rick DeVito
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Weston Marthaler, 2. Cole Howard, 3. Jesse Vian, 4. Larry DeVito, 5. Rick DeVito
Qualifying:.  1. Cole Howard 16.204, 2. Weston Marthaler 16.265, 3. Larry DeVito 16.333, 4. Jesse Vian 16.745, 5. Rick DeVito 17.492
Feature (15 laps):  1. Scott Mahlum, 2. Dan Frye, 3. Terrence Robinson, 4. Troy Dobbratz, 5. Jason Backus
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Dan Frye, 2. Troy Dobbratz, 3. Terrence Robinson, 4. Jason Backus, 5. Scott Mahlum
Qualifying:  1. Jason Backus 16.624, 2. Dan Frye 16.891, 3. Terrence Robinson 17.131, 4. Troy Dobbratz 17.601, 5. Scott Mahlum 18.441
Command Post Saloon Hornets
Feature (15 laps):  1. Kyle Riedner, 2. Nick Newton, 3. Ben Thurk, 4. Zach Oliver, 5. Paul Finch, 6. Josh Schaller, 7. Jamie Pearson, 8. Andrew Gardner, 9. Kendon Thurk, 10. Adam Hayden, 11. Matthew Heim, 12. Jeffrey Von Ruden, 13. Shawn Breese, 14. Matt Krinke, 15. Mike Hennessy, Jr., 16. Travis Atkinson, 17. Amelia Marshall, 18. Cooper Bodendorfer, 19. Tristan Finnegan, 20. Bryan Wallace, 21. Bentley Knaack, 22. #21, 23. Darren Paul, 24. Mike Hennessy, Sr.
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Mike Hennessy, Jr., 2. Shawn Breese, 3. Jeffrey Von Ruden, 4. Cooper Bodendorfer, 5. Travis Atkinson, 6. Darren Paul, 7. Bentley Knaack, 8. Mike Hennessy, Sr., 9. Tristan Finnegan
Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Kendon Thurk, 2. Jamie Pearson, 3. Andrew Gardner, 4. Zach Oliver, 5. Matthew Heim, 6. Bryan Wallace, 7. Waylon Robinson, 8. Carter Horstman
Heat #3 (8 laps):  1. Adam Hayden, 2. Matt Krinke, 3. Josh Schaller, 4. Nick Newton, 5. Ben Thurk, 6. Paul Finch, 7. Kyle Riedner, 8. Amelia Marshall, 9. #21, 10. Doyle Cavender
Qualifying:  1. Kyle Riedner 18.657, 2. Jamie Pearson 18.918, 3. Ben Thurk 18.968, 4. Carter Horstman 18.978, 5. Paul Finch 18.990, 6. Waylon Robinson 19.027, 7. Josh Schaller 19.194, 8. Zach Oliver 19.271, 9. Amelia Marshall 19.275, 10. Bryan Wallace 19.287, 11. Nick Newton 19.290, 12. Matthew Heim 19.292, 13. Adam Hayden 19.324, 14. Andrew Gardner 19.505, 15. Matt Krinke 19.529, 16. Kendon Thurk 19.541, 17. Jeffrey Von Ruden 19.627, 18. Cooper Bodendorfer 19.759, 19. Shawn Breese 19.969, 20. Mike Hennessy, Jr. 20.596, 21. Travis Atkinson 20.631, 22. Mike Hennessy, Sr., 20.677, 23. Bentley Knaack 21.587, 24. Darrin Paul 22.193, 25. Tristan Finnegan 22.823
TACU Credit Union Six Shooters
Feature (15 laps):  1. Matt Moore, 2. Jay Raines, 3. Dustin McCracken, 4 Mike Gratz, 5. Chuck Muller, 6. Seth Gnewikow, 7. Charles Vian, Sr., 8. Chris Brown, 9. Tim Murphy, Sr., 10. Matthew Heim, 11. Alex Liebsch, 12. Jon Beanken, 13. Kelly Poff, 14. Zachary Morgan, 15. Tristan Finnegan, 16. Devin Glass, 17. Feather King
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Charles Vian, Sr., 2. Dustin McCracken, 3. Tim Murphy, Sr., 4. Chris Brown, 5. Seth Gnewikow, 6. Jay Raines, 7. Jon Beanken, 8. Devin Glass, 9. Feather King
Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Mike Gratz, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Chuck Muller, 4. Alex Liebsch, 5. Matthew Heim, 6. Tristan Finnegan, 7. Kelly Poff, 8. Zachary Morgan
Qualifying:  1. Dustin McCracken 19.035, 2. Chuck Muller 19.288, 3. Charles Vian, Sr. 19.403, 4. Matt Moore 19.464, 5. Seth Gnewikow 19.566, 6. Mike Gratz 19.680, 7. Tim Murphy, Sr. 19.994, 8. Matthew Heim 20.046, 9. Chris Brown 20.098, 10. Alex Liebsch 20.105, 11. Jay Raines 20.230, 12. Tristan Finnegan 20.495, 13. Jon Beanken 20.571, 14. Zachary Morgan 20.677, 15. Devin Glass 21.668, 16. Kelly Poff 21.714, 17. Feather King 47.820
High School Racing Association
Feature (15 laps):  1. Landin Frye, 2. Mitchell Berg, 3. Curtis Hellickson, 4. Elliott Hawkins, 5. Jacob Mathison, 6. Charlie Thompson, 7. Kennedy Krueger, 8. Logan Backus, 9. Ryatt Dobbratz, 10. Trinity Aasen, 11. Trenton Frye, 12. Ashton Kinsey
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Ashton Kinsey, 2. Jacob Mathison, 3. Charlie Thompson, 4. Trenton Frye, 5. Trinity Aasen, 6. Kennedy Krueger, 7. McKenna Rudolph
Heat #2 (8 laps):  1.  Curtis Hellickson, 2. Ryatt Dobbratz, 3. Elliott Hawkins, 4. Landin Frye, 5. Mitchell Berg, 6. Logan Backus
Qualifying:  1. Ashton Kinsey 19.605, 2. Curtis Hellickson 19.908, 3. Trenton Frye 20.514, 4. Elliott Hawkins 20.582, 5. Charlie Thompson 20.697, 6. Mitchell Berg 20.884, 7. McKenna Rudolph 21.006, 8. Ryatt Dobbratz 21.075, 9. Trinity Aasen 21.077, 10. Logan Backus 21.818, 11. Landon Frye 22.112, 12. Kennedy Krueger 22.466, 13. Jacob Mathison 34.023