2019 Mid-American Stock Car Series Notes:

2019 Mid-Am Season Schedule

Milwaukee checklist

The Hoosier D800 will be the tire for Mid-American in 2019.
– Rockford and Milwaukee will be 4 new tire races.
– Madison will be a two new tire show.
– All other races will be one new tire events.

For 2019 I will not be charging a membership fee for Mid-American. With an eight race schedule and limited contingency sponsors, I do not feel Mid-Am can offer good value for the $75 membership fee of the past.

Entry Fees:
Entry fees will stay at $35 per event. Milwaukee may be an exception. I’ll have more info in the coming weeks. In the past I have granted some leniency to members for late entries. I will no longer allow that. If I receive your entry late, you will be charged the late fee. Pre-entries are very important to the Series and tracks we race at. In the past I’ve been able to provide probable entries based on memberships.

I have had many conversations with various parties regarding the direction on Mid-Am and Sportsman cars. The rules we have in place, are the same as we had in 2018. Unfortunately, few sportsman cars took advantage of the opportunity to race with Mid-Am. Hopefully in 2019, more decide to give Mid-Am a chance.
With that said, we will keep a close eye on how the season develops. It will be a work in progress and changes will be made if needed. I would say that nothing will change until after the Madison event. At that point we will have one short track and one big track in.
I want to emphasize that there will be no blending of rules. If you are a Mid-Am car, you will be 100% Mid-Am. An area Sportsman will be 100% sportsman. No picking the best of both worlds.

I’m sure many of you are excited for a return trip for Mid-Am to get back to Milwaukee. It’s a great opportunity for the series to showcase who we can be.
I don’t have a lot of information yet for specifics. Sometime after Speedweeks I expect to hear more.

A tech note for Milwaukee: All cars competing with Mid-Am must have a floater type rearend.